The man who returned the Star Ocean

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Under the blows of a formidable storm is agigantó and Ocean all night was crashing his fury against the beach. Waves of more than four meters threw his bowels of shells, fish, algae and a thousand other items.
When storm is calmed at dawn, the beach was completely covered with sea stars, which quivered slightly in the warm light of morning. A Walker Chingo began to return them to the ocean in a company that's before hand, it seemed doomed to fail given the huge number of stars in the sand.
-Good morning, Madam, said you a tourist who looked at her with amazement - can you tell me what they are doing?
-I return these sea stars to the ocean. If I do not return them soon, they will die from lack of oxygen.
- But not their effort seem pointless and ridiculous?
There are millions of them and it is impossible to catch them all. In addition, there probably hundreds of beaches covers also Starfish that inevitably will die. Don't you realize that nothing changes?
The woman smiled sweetly, ducked, grabbed another starfish, and before throwing it into the water said:
-For this if something changed!
It is true that you won't be able to change the education nor are going to solve the problems of the millions of students in the country and the world. Despite your efforts, millions of children are doomed to failure. But this cannot be an excuse to make not you deliver with enthusiasm to fulfill your mission of genuine educator. That the many problems and the enormous difficulties that you'll always find are not an excuse to not give yourself with passion to try to educational change. You will not save all students, but it would be unforgivable to lose which could save. Live your mission of educator in such a way that your students experience as a true grace you have as their teacher. Each of them feel that, for you, it is someone really important.
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