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The story that follows heard it also Eduardo Galeano:
On one occasion, a famed Colombian writer was in a bar and was approached by a worker who, after arise and say hello to the writer with real admiration, told him:
-I am illiterate and I want that you write me a love letter to my girlfriend.
Writer bewildered smiled, raised shoulders in a gesture of impossibility, tried to explain to him that that would not be possible, but as the worker insisted you on your demand, said you:
-What will I say in that letter?
-I don't know, replied the worker - if I knew, not I would be asking you.
The writer was impressed by the response, was a thoughtful time and said at last:
-It's okay. Back here tomorrow at the same time and you can have your letter.
The writer was in overnight fighting with words, trying to express a deep and sure love to the best of their literature. The next day, he went to the bar with his letter, and when the workers arrived, read it. The worker lit up her eyes and said with gratitude and admiration:
-Yes, Yes, perfect. That was precisely what I wanted to say to my girlfriend, but I didn't know it was that.
They say that the fable writer Aesop was a time serving Xantu. One day, he sent him to the market to buy the best thing found. Aesop was and bought a language.
-Is that what you found?
-Yes, with the language we can express love, truth, praise, encouragement... The language allows men communicate, understand it.
After a time, pattern returned to Aesop to send to the market and asked that, on this occasion, bring him the worst thing that could be found. Aesop was and returned with another language.
-That's the worst thing that you found?
-Without a doubt. With the language we can slander, lie, offend, gossip, slander.
There is no doubt that, if some people bite is the language, is poison. The words are as beings alive, able to laugh or cry, to sink or rise, stun or sublimate. The word is power and therefore we need an education that will return to the people his word, a word for responsible, as an expression of their feelings, their culture and their values. The current education denies students the word, the possibility of being. The teacher speaks, students listen to, you should hear without interrupt and repeat as faithfully as possible the words of the master. Who is not expressed, is repressed, is depressed, they suppress it. True education should enable the student to say his own word, as an expression of life, commitment, in a world dominated by propaganda and quackery. Ultimately, educating boils down to teach students to read the reality, say his word, so they are thus able to write the history of his own release.
Writing is communicating, spilling in others. One writes, but the text is in the reader. The words travel within him, belong to him. Hence that read need a previous silence. Read need a pre-listening. Read need a deep dialogue with itself, prior to the dialogue with the written text. Who is able to listen, is only able to listen to the silence, can say and write real words.
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