The secret of the Shepherd

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They say that in a distant country lived a shepherd so smart and so wise that the fame of their advice and opinions came to the ears of the King. Given that both their Ministers and their advisers failed to order the country's administration and remained popular discontent because they were continuously increasing prices, and people not reached him he earned to live with dignity, the King decided to look to the good Shepherd and order it of the economy and administration of their realm.
The pastor appeared before the King and after hearing the proposal to appoint him Prime Minister, he replied:
-I accept with pleasure your proposal but with a condition: Palace have a room where nobody can not enter more than me.
The King accepted without problem a simple condition and the pastor began to act as Prime Minister.
The provisions, laws and decrees of the pastor were so effective that he soon began to change the situation and timely: stabilized prices, increased work, people could meet their needs, and peace and welfare took over the country.
The King was very pleased by the decision he had taken that it had resulted in such excellent fruits, but some counselors, envious of the pastor, began to slander him and, whenever they could, was accused of accumulating in the secret room treasures that robbed the country and the King.
At the beginning, the King ignored them, but both insisted him about possible hazards until they hinted him that in that room the pastor was delivered to practices of witchcraft with the idea of preparing a plot against it, one day, out of a time of doubts, while the Prime Minister was in the roomdid force the door with the idea of surprise among his riches and machinations.
When they knocked down the door, were all a big surprise: in the room only had a few very rustic furniture of wood, straw, and in the Center, dress pastor, Premier playing a simple pastoral melody on his flute.
-Why you've dressed as well and do this?-asked intrigued and very embarrassed the King.
-Lord, without these moments, which remind me of my happy days on the mountain with my herd, could not withstand the life of Palace, surrounded by intrigue, lies and envy. Here I am determined to see things through the eyes of the poor that your Ministers always forgot and never took into account.
Always be on the side of the weakest. Look at life through the eyes of the poor. Return to discover the deep face of simplicity. «Which cults are these illiterate, they have that you said Churchill look to the wisdom of a group of farmers. Overcoming culture of manipulation, cronyism, the intrigues, the tripping, resiliency authoritarianism. Working for a culture that assumes and understands the public as a space of coexistence, and vindicates the effort to establish a society where all have opportunities to develop their abilities and be subjects of his life and power. Not to accept a world that excluded, marginalized, despises..., where a few raised its power and fortunes no matter the misery of others. Take life as a gift to others. Do not let yourself be obnubilar by success, fame, wealth, power... These are some of the important challenges that are presented to education today.
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