The Tiger and the Hare

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There was a young man who lived disappointed, bitter, and was complaining about the inhuman thing that we had become persons, that solidarity, which already nobody cared nobody was lost. One day, he decided to go for a walk by the monte. While there, he saw caught a Hare took food to a tiger that was wounded and could not fend for itself.
It so impressed you see this fact, which decided to return the next day to see if the conduct of the Hare was casual and habitual. With enormous surprise could prove that the scene is repeated: the Hare was a good piece of meat close to the Tiger.
The days passed and the scene was repeated in an identical way, until Tiger recovered forces and could find food on their own.
Admired by the solidarity and cooperation among animals, it was said: «all is not lost. If the animals, who are inferior to us, are able to help in this way, much more will our people». And he decided to make the experience:
He threw to the ground, pretending that he was wounded, and began to expect to pass someone and help him. They spent hours, arrived overnight and no one came to his aid. The enduring hunger, thirst, the rush of frustration and despair. He was so for all the other day, and was going to raise with the conviction that humanity had no remedy, when he heard a voice saying to him within itself: «If you want to find your neighbors as brothers, lets make Tiger and Hare beam».
Tony de Mello tells us another story beautiful with such teaching:
Down the street I saw a girl hungry, dirty and Shivering in their rags. Me encoleric√© and said to God: "why let these things? Why not do nothing to help this poor girl? »
For a while, Dios remained silent. But that night, when least expected, God answered my angry questions: ' certainly I have done something. " I've done to you».
Mother Teresa of Calcutta used to repeat: "Is better to strike a light curse of darkness". Nothing will serve you get to recite the Rosary of your students problems. Thinks that, despite all their shortcomings, they have a wealth: you have to you. Live life as a gift for others. Propose you since you raise in the morning live in such a way that all persons with whom you crosses feel that it has been wonderful to meet you. The main objective of all your planning should be that your students live happily, that classroom will become a space for joyful work, for the fruitful encounter, for friendship and enjoy the experience of love.
We need to train people that not only move to the problems of the reality, but to move to change it. They worry not only to poverty and injustice, that deal in finish them.
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