The woodcutter had dull axe

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There was a woodcutter who toiled tirelessly for cutting down a tree. Had axe dull and, despite his efforts and that hardly stopped to rest, his work not progressed.
It passed by there a farmer and said:
-Your axe is dull, why not you sharpening it?
The woodcutter looked at him just a moment with his exhausted face and said:
-I don't have time for that, I have to cut down all those trees and I can not lose a minute of my time.
I know educators who say that they do not have time to teach reading to their students, who must pass the subject, the goals. They are as a dull axe lumberjack. Is it possible to move forward in a meaningful learning without reading? We must convince us once and for all that, if our classrooms to leave readers students, they need to read, who like to read, they are able to find the information they need and return with their own words, we would be opening the door to wisdom.
In Tony Blair's education reform aims to a return to the mastery of basic skills in the three Rs: reading, writing, aritmethics (reading, writing, arithmetic). Reading, writing and calculation are the most privileged means to learn to think. And if you know thinking, already knows everything.
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