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A very good-looking young couple were very much in love and were married. A few months before the wedding, the bride had an accident and was burned and disfigured face.
-Not can I marry you - he informed him in a letter to her boyfriend was marked and ugly. Find you another beautiful girl like you you deserve. I am not worthy of you.
A few days later, the girl received the following letter from her boyfriend: "I'm the truly unworthy. I'm very sorry to have to tell you that I have gotten sick of the eyes, I'm rapidly losing vision and forever I will be blind. If you're still willing to accept me, I am ardently wishing to marry you...»
When they married, the groom was already completely blind.
They lived 20 years of understanding, happiness and love. She was his guide, became his eyes, in his light. Love was guiding you through that tunnel of darkness.
When she was dying, I just felt leave it only in its endless night of darkness. He died, and then he opened his eyes.
-I wasn't blind - he said to the embarrassment of all -. I pretended to be my wife not afflicted at the thought that he could see his disfigured face.
Barry Vissell tells the story of Moisés Mendelssohn, the grandfather of the famous German composer, who was a small and humpbacked man.
On one occasion, he had to visit a merchant in Hamburg that had a lovely daughter named Frumtje. Moses fell madly in love it, but Frumtje rejected it by their appearance so deformed and little graceful. As much as Moses insisted and gave samples of his passionate love, she avoided even regard it as their grotesque figure you dislike greatly.
One day, Moses is steeled, went to the room of Frumtje and said:
-Do you think that marriages are made in heaven?
-Yes - answered she, without the eyes of the floor - and you?
-Also - he answered - I know well that in heaven, when a male, was born the Lord announces with which girl is getting married. When I was born, they showed me who was going to be my future wife. And the Lord said to me: "But your wife will be hunchback". At the same moment I began to pray to God: «a humpbacked woman would be a tragedy. «Lord, I beg you, put to me the hump and her as beautiful as you can get ".
Then Frumtje looked him in the eyes and was shaken by a deep memory. He fell into the arms of
Mendelssohn, married a few months, and live happily as each tried to please in all the other.
Let us also remember that really poor marriage. It spinning at the door of his hut, waiting for her husband. Everyone who passed was captivated the beauty of black, long, silky hair. He went every day to the market to sell some vegetables harvested with effort and that barely reached to continue living. Sitting under a tree and began to wait for potential customers with a pipe empty into her mouth, because it was not enough money to buy tobacco.
It came the day of his wedding anniversary and she did not know what could give her given husband who didn't have money. One day, an idea that planted him in the body a long chill came up: sell your hair to buy tobacco. Full of joy, I imagined her square husband throwing long puffs of smoke from his pipe, with the solemnity and the poise of a real trader. Not much money was awarded for your hair, but it was enough to buy a box of fine tobacco. Perfume of his crumpled sheets long compensated for the sacrifice of her hair.
Arriving the evening returned to the husband. He was singing along the way, particularly happy. He had in his hand a small package: was a beautiful comb for his wife who had just bought with the money he earned by selling his pipe.
It is also appropriate to recall the history of that journalist who visited a hospital and saw the application and affection with which a religious sister wiped the purulent wounds of a poor bum, he said with a tissue in the nose to withstand the stench:
-Sister, I wouldn't do that for one million bolivars.
Sister Rose sweet and calm eyes to the journalist and said:
-I would not do it by one million bolivars. Do for love of God and love to my sick brother.
When one loves truth, it is able to do things more difficult with total normality, even with joy, because love always seeks the good of the other. The eyes of love discover us special beauty where all others only see deformity or ugliness. For the sake of people are capable of the greatest sacrifices and efforts, because we really love if we are able to let go of the things that we very much appreciate. Love changes us, us humanizes us beautify.
Only you can truly help your students if you know them deeply. And only he knows who loves. AMA to each of your students, especially those who are presented as less graceful or endowed with qualities, and discover its beauty. Think that each one is special, unique and unrepeatable, extraordinary, the fruit of God's infinite love. Love them and get at your service. It considers your ideal to achieve them you exceed.
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