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There is a hindu legend that tells us that, in very ancient times, all the men were gods. But they abused so much and so much of their power to Brahma, the great God, met in Council to the lesser gods to say what had to be done in that situation. The Council decided to remove the divine men and hide it in a place where could never find it.
One lesser God proposed to bury her in the depths of the Earth. The proposal was discarded because they believed that easily man excavaría on Earth and would find it. Another proposed immerse it in the bottom of the ocean. He is not accepted since someday man could get to the bottom and back to abusing the divinity.
The Council of the gods was pondering for a long time without finding the answer that convinced them. Then, the great Brahma proposed:
-I have found the perfect place to hide the divinity, so that man never finds it and can abuse her. We esconderemos it at the bottom of the same man. In the depth of his being will be the only place where ever it will happen you search.
Since then, all men carry hidden Divinity in the depths of their own.
Another similar story tells that when God created the dog, hand licked him grateful and hung her loving eyes of the face of the good God.
-Would like dog?
-Lord, good God, I would like to stay in your House, in the sky, outside your door.
- But I have no need of dog, since I have not yet created the thieves.
-When you will create them, Lord?
-Never. I'm already tired, five days ago that work without a break, and I did my best work, dog you. It is best that you left me here. It is not good for an artist to strive beyond its inspiration and its possibilities. If it persists in creating, I would be able to fail. See, dog to populate the Earth and live happy!
The dog gave a deep sigh:
-What will I do on the Earth, Lord?
-Eat, drink, sleep, you multiplicarás and enjoy life with your family.
The dog more deeply sighed.
-What else would they be? -said you the good God.
-To you, my Lord. Could you not coming to you also live on Earth?
-No, no, that is completely impossible. I have to attend to the angels, the stars, the whole universe...
Dog lowered his head and made a gesture to leave, but returned to insist:
-If you can not download, it creates someone like you for that I can serve you.
-No, no, that is impossible. I don't ask things that are beyond my ability.
The dog became a small, humble, and began to beg the good God with his voice further melosa and loving:
-Go, try it, I know that you can do, although it is not just in everything that you, but that I can follow it where go and lie at his feet when stops.
The good Lord was amazed at the goodness of his own work and said the dog:
-Go to the Earth and which is made according to your desire. Since I can't be me there, I'm going to send someone who is like me.
And going into his laboratory, he created man. But the man does not know this.
Augustine used to say: «you were looking for. «Lord, out of me, but you were inside me, more intimate than my own I». Much does it cost us to accept that we are truly created in the image and likeness of God, we are in truth divine, and that Jesus becomes present in each one of those, about all the more weak and needy. How would it change our relationship with the students if we really convenciéramos us that each one of them is Jesus himself. This is what a teacher who had a group of students impossible, stubborn, messy did. I was so disappointed that he decided to resign and devote himself to other less demanding and more satisfying profession. When he was making his resignation, the Director, a woman wise and surrendered, he said to him:
-But how are you going to do that if Jesus himself is studying in your living room?
-How? -intrigued asked the teacher.
-Yes, Jesus, God himself made man. It came to register incognito. I can not say anything more. You will not even know if it is a boy or a girl, but I assure you, and this is not a joke, who is studying in your living room.
Since that time, the teacher began to treat each of its students with special love and care, because I thought that that might be Jesus. Suddenly, the atmosphere changed completely. Students, feel so respected dear v, began they also love and respect.
Translated for educational purposes

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