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The great Pericles magistrate, whose personality dignificó to around the fifth century before Christ called, precisely, as century of Pericles, fully understood the Mission of the teacher as forger of the personality and the consciousness of people.
On one occasion, he sent to meet all the geniuses and artists who had contributed to Athens. Architects, engineers, sculptors, the warriors who defended the city, philosophers who proposed new senses to life were coming to... They were all there: from the severe mathematician who appreciated, in the number, the Hellenic sense of accuracy and harmony, to the astronomer hovering to the universe to see and study the harmony of the stars.
But Pericles fell into the account of a remarkable absence: missing educationalists, modest men who were responsible for driving the children in the way of their learning.
-Where are the teachers? He asked Pericles. I don't see them anywhere. Go to search for them.
When, finally, came the pedagogues, Pericles spoke:
-Here were those who, with their effort and expertise, transform, beautify and protect the city. But you, who are the most important and most elevated of all mission were missing: the transform and beautify the soul of the Athenians.
It is sad to verify how the majority of teachers reduce their profession to be mere givers of lessons and pro - grams, without even look out of the greatness of what being an educator. To educate is to help build people, chiseling hearts. The educator is a stylist of souls, a trim of lives; It has an indispensable mission of midwife of the spirit and personality. He is someone who understands and assumes the importance of his mission, aware that it does not end with teach or encourage the development of skills and abilities, but is directed to train people, to teach how to live with authenticity, meaning and project, with defined values and realities, unknowns and hopes.
Education is an act of faith in the future and the people. Believe that it is always possible to build a better future is what constitutes the matchless power of educators in society.
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