Aesop's Fables: The Fox and the Crow scream

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A Raven stole a piece of meat to some shepherds and retreated to a tree.
A Fox saw him, and wishing to seize the meat began to flatter the Crow, praising its elegant proportions and its great beauty, adding also that it had not found anyone better endowed than him to be the King of birds, but that the fact that voice had affected him.
The Raven, to show you the Fox that non lacking voice, dropped the meat to launch proudly loud cries.
The Fox, without losing time, quickly picked up the meat and said:
-Friend Crow, if in addition to vanity you have understanding, nothing else would be missing you really to be the King of birds.

When you adulen, it is when more rightly take care of your property.

Translated for educational purposes

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