Aesop's Fables: The Fox and the goat in the well

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A Fox fell into a deep pit, being forced to sit in for cannot be reached the shore.
Later came to the same well a thirsty goat, and watching the Fox asked him if the water was good. She, hiding their real problem, did praise for water, stating that it was excellent, and invited the goat to go down and try it where it was.
Without more thought jumped the goat to the well, and after quenching their thirst, asked the Fox how would do out there.

Then the Fox said:
-There is a way, which is undoubtedly our mutual salvation. It supports your front legs against the wall and rise well above your horns; then I will upload your body and once outside, I'll pull of ti.
You believed him the goat so did tastefully, and the Fox skillfully climbing up the back and the horns of his companion, reached out from the well away from the shore instantly, without complying with promised.
When the goat claimed you violation of his agreement, became the Fox and told him:
-Hey partner, if you had as much intelligence as hairs in your beard, had not come down without thinking earlier how out after!

Before you commit to something, think first if you could get out of that, regardless of what you offer your neighbors.

Translated for educational purposes

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