Aesop's Fables: The frogs asking for a King

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Tired frogs own disorder and anarchy in which they lived, they sent a delegation to Zeus so send them a King.
Zeus, according your request, sent a thick log to your pond.
Frightened the frogs by the noise that made leno falling, hid where best they could. Finally, seeing that leno didn't move more, they were coming to the surface and given the stillness that prevailed, started to feel so great contempt for the new King, jumping on him and sat him up, mocking without rest.
And so, feeling humiliated by having monarch to a simple tree, again where Zeus, asking him to change to the King, as it was too quiet.
Outraged Zeus, commanded an active water snake that, one by one, caught them and ate them without mercy.

When choosing leaders, it is best to choose one simple and honest, rather than one very entrepreneurial but evil or corrupt.

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