Aesop's Fables: The lion and Dolphin

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A lion walking along a beach and saw a dolphin to peek her head out of the water. Then proposed you an Alliance:
-We should unite both, being your the King of the sea animals and me in the ground - he said.
Gladly accepted the dolphin. And the lion, who for some time was at war with a wild parrot, called the Dolphin who will help you. Tried the dolphin out of the water, but it did not, by what the lion accused him of traitor.
-I am not the culprit or who should accuse, but nature said the dolphin, because she is who I made water and does not allow me to spend
to the Earth!

When you search for alliances, look who your allies are indeed trained to join ti in what has been agreed.

Translated for educational purposes

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