Aesop's Fables: The lion and the mosquito fighter

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A mosquito approached a lion and said:
-Do not you fear, and in addition, you are not stronger than me. If you think otherwise, please prove me wrong. Spiders with your claws and bite with your teeth? Also a woman fending off a thief does that! I am stronger than you, and if you want, I now challenge to combat.
And sounding their buzz, fell on the lion mosquito, biting her repeatedly around the nose, where it has no hair.
The lion began to scratch with his own claws, until he gave up the fight. The victorious mosquito again sounded its buzz; and without realizing it, with so much joy, it was to become entangled in a spider's Web.
At the time who was devoured by the spider, complained of him, fighting against the most powerful overcoming them, was to perish at the hands of an insignificant animal, spider it.

No matter that so great successes in your life, always takes care that the said to you have obtained one of them, not it ruin everything.

Translated for educational purposes

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