Aesop's Fables: The lion, the Fox and the deer

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Having been sick Lion, is you lay in a cave, telling the Fox, which estimated much and who had very good friends:
-If you want to help me to cure me and that still alive, seduces with your cunning to deer and bring it here, because I'm packed their meat.
The Fox went out to play the role, and found the deer jumping happy in the jungle. Approached him greeting her kindly and said:
-I come to give you great news. As you know, the lion, our King, is my neighbor; but it turns out that he has fallen sick and is very serious. I wondered what animal could replace him as King after his death.
And told me: "wild boar, so not is not very intelligent; the bear is very awkward; Panther very temperamental; the Tiger is a blowhard; "I think that the deer is the most worthy of reign, it is slender, long life, and feared by the snakes by its horns." "But what I tell you, it is determined that you will be the King."
And that I'll by you having it announced first? Answer me, that I have haste and fear to call me, because I am his counselor. But if you want to hear an experienced, advise that I follow and join the lion faithfully until his death.
He had finished speaking the Fox, and the deer, full of vanity with those words, walked decided to cave without suspecting what would happen.
To see it, the lion rushed him, but only managed to scratch her ears. The deer, frightened, quickly fled into the forest.
The Fox hit is legs to see lost your game. And the lion threw loud cries, stimulated by his hunger and grief. He pleaded with the Fox to try it again. And he said the Fox:
-It's painful and difficult, but I'll try.
He came out of the cave and followed in the footsteps of the deer until it replacing its forces.
Seeing deer, angered and ready to attack it, he said:
Miserable bitch, do not come to deceive me! If you give one step further, have you dead! Looking for others who do not know you, talk nice to them and upload them smoke promising them the throne, but already no more to me.
But the cunning Fox replied:
- But Mr Hart, don't be so loose and funky. Not desconfíes of us who are your friends. The lion, to take your ear, just wanted to tell you secret tips and instructions on how to govern, and you don't even have patience for a simple scratch of a sick old man. It is now furious against you and you're thinking about making King the fearless Wolf. ! Poor!, all it suffers by being the master! Come with me, you have nothing to fear, but that Yes, be humble as a lamb. I swear by all this jungle that you should not fear anything lion. And as to me, only intend to serve you.
And deceived again, he left the deer toward the cave. There was more that entered, when already the lion saw fully satiated your whim, not leaving or memory of the deer. However the heart fell to the ground, and the Fox took him on the sly, as payment for their efforts. And the lion looking for the missing heart asked the Fox by it. The Fox replied:
-The naive deer had no heart, nor seek it. What kind of heart could have a stag which came twice to the House and the paw of the lion?

Never let the craving for honours from disturbing your good judgment, so you are not caught by the danger.

Translated for educational purposes

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