Aesop's Fables: The lion in love with the daughter of the labrador

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A lion of the daughter of a farmer had fallen in love and asked her in marriage.
And not the farmer could decide to give her daughter so ferocious animal, nor deprived her for fear that inspired him. Then devised the following: as the lion kept insisting you, told him that he thought worthy to be husband of his daughter, but that should at least meet the following condition:
that will start the teeth and you cut your nails, because that was what frightened her daughter.
The lion accepted the sacrifices because he really loved her.
Once the lion was requested, when it returned to arise already without his powers, full of contempt for him, labrador fired it mercilessly beating.

Never trust too much as to strip you of your own defenses, as you will be easily overcome by those who respected you before.

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