Aesop's Fables: The lion, Prometheus and the elephant

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He wouldn't let a lion to complain to Prometheus.
-You made me very strong and beautiful, with JAWS with good teeth and powerful claws on the legs, and I am the more dominant animal. However I have a great fear to the rooster.
-What you accuse me as to the light? Are you not satisfied with all the physical advantages which you have given? That decline is your spirit.
Prometheus replied.
Followed the lion deploring the situation, judging from coward. She then put an end to his life.
It was in this situation when came the elephant, they welcomed and they began to chat. He noted the lion elephant constantly moving his ears, so it asked the cause.
-You see that tiny insect that hums to my around?
He said the elephant, because if it does enter into my ear, I'm lost.
Then said the Lion: it would be foolish to let me die, being me much stronger and powerful than the elephant, as well as much more strong and powerful is the Rooster with the mosquito?

Many times, very small discomfort make us forget the great things we possess.

Translated for educational purposes

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