Europe road - part III

To see all some of the treasures that houses within Europe there is nothing like riding in the car, taking advantage of the very extensive and impeccable network of motorways and highways linking all the countries of the old continent. Today we will begin the journey through Paris to get to Amsterdam, with a distance of 500 km.
It would not reach us a lifetime to get to know Paris. But in a short visit can not miss us know milestones as: Tower, Eiffel, Trocadero, the banks of the river Seine, Notre Dame, the Bastille area restaurants, bars that exist in all of Paris, the Pompidou Center, museums of the Louvre and d'Orsay, the Bohemian Montmartre and the Basilica of the sacred heart. All the time that passes in Paris, always appear and will be little.
Ideally, leave the car at the hotel, as far as possible not as centrally located as Montrougeneighborhoods, for example, and move through the wide network of public transport that has the city. Leaving from the center of Paris by the Rue of the Chapellese connects with the North motorway (Autoroute du Nord), which goes towards the border with Belgium and the North of Europe.
The journey to Amsterdam has only 500 km away, which is can spend all day by the beauty of the places where you can go by stopping. Ideally, leave early good of Paris. Some of the places to go stopping are: Lille, where is a must to see the Vauban Citadel and old Flemish style, Ghent, famous for the impressive St. Bavo Cathedral.
Bruges, a city of cosmopolitan and sophisticated, replete with art-decó buildings, which can be a great place for lunch and a stroll through this city of beauty extreme, crossed by channels and where the medieval identity lives intact. Another spectacular stop option is the melancholy port city of Antwerp, the port is considered the second most important in Europe. But this has not only given material wealth, but it has made this city close to the border with the Netherlands to become an open town where people of all nationalities feel as at home.
Arriving at Amsterdam should take into account that it is one of the cities in the world where more expensive sale Park. To move away from the Center is cheaper, and a good choice is to leave the car at any of the car parks (which in Dutch means something like stop and go) that they are cheap and are located on the outskirts of the city, next to the bypass route.
Amsterdam is a city that invites to be travelled on foot or by bike, the transport preferred by its inhabitants, which can be rented in various parts of the Centre. A good start is to know Voldempark, the largest park in the city, which is close to two other places that you can not miss: the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum.
In the most central area, where the famous canals are more numerous, we find other attractions such as the Anne Frank House Museumsites, street markets of Boerenmarkt and Waterlooplein and Dam square. There is also the Red Ligth Square, where prostitutes offer their services from storefronts, and the coffee-shop where cannabis is sold legally.
For lovers of gastronomy and shopping to do, there is no better place than the Jordaan district, filled with trendy shops, art galleries and of course bars and world-class restaurants.

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