Europe road - part IV

Take a trip on the roads of Europe is wondering continually, since every few miles appears a place historical, or with ancient traditions and gastronomic delights. Today we will continue this journey from Amsterdam to Munich. This path is 830 kms.
Starting from Amsterdam, a few kilometres we are already in German territory. And entering Germany, for a motorist is a very good thing because here not there are tolls and there is no speed limit. And if this out shortly, the path that leads to Munich, crosses several Park natural and during many stretches it runs parallel to the Rhine River, as well as across most of the country.
The truth is that the German routes are a pleasure they are spacious, spotless, and surrounded by forests and charming German cities. You can not miss is know the city of Cologne, which has a cathedral that is a masterpiece of the Gothic style.
As well as the city of Nuremberg, with a rapiso walk and foot you can enjoy milestones as the street of human rights, the House of the painter Alberto Dudero, the street stalls of old, where they sell a delicious sausage typical of the city.
Traveling at a quiet pace journey lasts approximately seven hours, so in the evening already can see the Gothic town hall tower of Munich, the Bavarian capital. Known worldwide by the famous Oktoberfest Festival which takes place between the months of September and October, to celebrate the passion that people have for the beer.
The Festival takes place in a venue that is located just 10 minutes from the center of the city, called Theresienwiesen, which rises tents where breweries, is home to restaurants, music scene and of course spaces for dance. But if not for the Oktoberfest, just enjoy the city.
Munich offers attractions such as the Gothic Frauenkirche Church, the Olympic city (famous for the massacre dedeportista several years ago), the Kunstareal area museums and the elegant shops of the Street Maximilianstrase.
Arrive at Munich and not try the typical fastfood, which is the weisswurst, a white sausage that is served accompanied by a brens and a huge glass of wheat beer. And of course then to rest, because after that you even think to continue driving.

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