Europe road - part V

Today we continue with the road trip that began in Madrid, and which has toured various and beautiful places for Spain, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany.
Today we went from Munich to Florence, with a journey of 720 km, crossing the impressive landscapes of the Austrian mountains passes route by Innsbrucks, the capital of culture Tyrolean, ideal for a short visit, since it is a town that looks like something out of a Disney film.
The ideal is to take at least two days to make this trip, to pass by the incomparable Florence. After passing by Innsbruck, the route crosses places as emblematic and beautiful as Verona, with an impressive historic centre, a Roman amphitheatre, churches of different styles, Juliet's House and many other beautiful places.
And as also Bologna, the second historical most important of Italy, famous for its excellent cuisine, the best of the country. Then, one enters the spectacular landscape of Tuscany, one of the most suggestive places of our planet, which combines the olive groves and vineyards, with old Renaissance farms.
Florence is the emotional and historical capital of Tuscany, place where still feels the Renaissance in all its glory. Its higher fat is the Church of Santa María de Fiore, located in the piazza del Duomo, starting point for any tour of the city.
In this city, as far as possible not be summer eruropeo, because it is full of tourists. Here we can not visit sites such as the Gallery of the Uffizi, one of the largest and oldest art galleries in the world, the Ponte Vecchio, Gallery dell'Accademia (here is the David de Miguel Angel). Either you can miss another work of art, which are the "gelattos".

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