Europe road - part VI

After passing through spectacular landscapes, today we continue the journey on the roads of Europe, from Florence to Barcelona, which will arrive after traveling 857 km, and much more to see
Heading to the French Riviera the route will pass through two of the most interesting cities of Italy. Just one hour from Florence, Pisa, reached a milestone bound and impossible to see is its already famous leaning tower. The small old town is charming, by what a good idea going around it in the morning
And at noon already be on the road heading to Genoa, the port from where it left thousands of immigrants heading to Argentina, city offering site of great interest such as San Lorenzo Cathedral, the old port, the central Piazza de Ferrari and the Aquarium.
Then appears the San Remo, already almost at the border between Italy and France and, some few kilometres more luxurious and extravagant Monaco, place parea browse to the last, since eating and nor that to speak of staying there costs a fortune.
Almost equally elegant are nice, which has beautiful beaches and also museums devoted to artists such as Picasso, Chagall and Matisse;and Cannes where you can see scenarios where passes its famous film festival.
Take the Autopista del Mediterráneo, passes through French cities very impregnated by the Arab culture as Marseille, which is as interesting as chaotic, and is the second most populated city of France.
Its main attraction are its neighborhoods are full of life and contrasts as Le Panier, an ideal place to stroll, buy and enjoy a bouillabaisse, a fish that big local specialty stew. Through COLLIOURE, one of the most beautiful villages of the Mediterranean, which was a refuge for impressionist painters as Antonio Machado. The landscape, more and more arid and Mediterranean, confirms the return to Spanish lands and at the end of the trip.
The last stop is the city of Barca and Gaudi. An urba which merges the historical legacy and cutting-edge trends in design, culture and gastronomy. Among its endless attractions is the Church of the Holy family, historic neighborhoods filled with shops, bars and restaurants as the Brone, Gothic or the Raval, the beaches of Barceloneta, Joan Miró Museum and modern malls and the Caixa Forum, MACBA, among many others.
The festive character of the city, Barcelona is the place ideal to finish the trip, so between rods of beer, noodles and rounds of tapas, it runs the sadness of having reached the end of a fantastic journey and keep in our memories and in our hearts all lived.

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