Get to know your Erogenous zones

Our body is equipped with numerous regions whose stimulation can be highly pleasurable, dare to discover your erogenous zones with detailed map of pleasure.

Erogenous zones

The skin is the largest organ of the human being and is capable of making us perceive different sensations through touch. Our whole body is equipped with numerous nerve endings capable of responding to stimuli of various kinds offering us a blank canvas to create our own map of pleasure.
The called erogenous zones are those parts of our body at a greater receptivity, so proper activation can be highly pleasurable. Learn how to stimulate these areas and discover them in ourselves will be an interesting exercise that, without any doubt, will contribute very positively to the sexual experience.
Excessive genital focus, lack of preambles or fixing to achieve orgasm during sexual encounters restrict the huge cast of possibilities offered us by the senses, limiting the search for pleasure and erroneously reducing the atlas of satisfaction.
Do you dare to broaden your horizons? In the following lines we will give you the keys you need to start painting, but remember; each person is a world, likes there's no writing and what love someone other can detest it. As always, a good communication with your partner will be your great ally so that together you can discover what most pleased you. Prepare the brushes... begin to discover our erogenous zones!

Map of erogenous zones

There is much mystery around the erogenous zones and its location. Rob myths, the first thing we will do will be classified them into primary erogenous zones and secondary erogenous zones for better understanding:
The primary erogenous zones aludirán to the genital area, predominantly sensitive area of our anatomy that is able to evoke a strong sexual response. They will mainly be the vagina and clitoris for women and the penis in men.
Secondary erogenous zones shall contain a reference to the reactive parts that tend to vary from one person to another and which constitute a perfect snack full of sensuality, capable of enriching the menu of a good sexual encounter.
Then we will cite some of the most widespread and popular secondary erogenous zones, but you know that anywhere in your body can be susceptible to the delight. Experiences, test... try it! Sure that you are able to increase this list.
  • Mouth: the mouth, including the lips and tongue, is one of the instruments that offers greater possibilities in sex. Kiss, lick, bite... let your imagination and give it the importance that it deserves, there are thousand ways to use it!
  • The ears: lobes and the back of the same are the most sensitive parts that. In addition to playing with them also you can use them to whisper sexy words and further intensified the excitement. A multipurpose organ where this is.
  • Neck, nape of the neck, shoulders and back: ideal for a good massage, don't you think? Can be one of the best ways to start an erotic encounter, break the ice and also relax more can ask for!
  • Breasts and nipples: while for men and women it may be satisfactory, breasts and nipples tend to be especially stimulating for them, reaching a maximum State of arousal applying caresses suitable... check it!
  • Thighs: above all the inside of them, you have noticed the soft is? Sure that is a pleasure both caress as be cherished in that area, play to get close to her genitals and then reverses. Danger! High voltage!
  • Perineum: you present to that area of your body called 'perineum', you know about it? It is the area that stretches between the year and the vagina or scrotum. Stimulate it can be very pleasant, since it has many nerve endings, do you dare to try?
  • Testicles: don't forget the testes during sexual encounters, because many men manifest the Super feeling them producing the strokes in this area. That Yes, with delicacy!
  • Buttocks and year: tend not to forget the buttocks in our sexual practices, because they can be one delight to touch as for the view, but... and year, are top secret for you? You might want to know that this area is highly innervated, so it can become very sensitive...

How to stimulate the erogenous zones

Now we know where we can start exploring our erogenous zones, but... how? Very simple, l'imagination au pouvoir!
This wonderful sense of touch offers multiple ways to enjoy it. It plays with its countless qualities; it modulates the pressure of your touch, experiment with different textures, use different temperatures.
To stimulate the erogenous zones, in addition to your own body, you can also add some objects to your sexual practices; about soft touching a pen or the delicacy of silk, you may want to bristle your skin with cold ice or sweeten the scene with a bit of warm chocolate on her body that you lamerás then. Sounds good, right?
How you see, the combinations to stimulate our erogenous zones are endless, you just create a good environment and bring out our most erotic side. Let yourself go by the map of pleasure, what are you waiting for?
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