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A Seagull was flying high over the sea. Beyond down he glimpsed, making foams between both blue, the boat of a fisherman.
-Ah, if I had a network like that of the man - is said the gull - would not have why resign myself to catch a single fish after several attempts to dive into the water!
At the same time, the fisherman, spellbound with the flight of the Seagull, said is:
-If I had the privilege of watching from atop what I catch, I would not venture both in deep waters and even me away from the coast early in the morning, when every fisherman is blind and his ear is lost in the immensity.
Too many people spend their lives not dare to be themselves, without considering how they actually want to be or what is their mission in life. Torn by the desire to imitate others, by the desire to look like or be as someone who they envy or admire live.
To educate is to help each student become what is called to be. To love, accept and promote all his talents and possibilities, knowing that he is unique and unrepeatable. Living is built. Life requires a tenacious struggle to become one's self. Only help others to be, if you you strive for if it, you live in your permanent internal growth. To help others to be authentic and good, you have to strive day by day become increasingly better.
It is only possible to respect and to love others if one begins with respect and wanting to himself, implying accepted and valued by what one is, and not what appears to be, or what has or claims to have.
Remember and the poem live intensely 'I am I' of Virginia Satir:

Around the world, there is no one exactly like me.
There are people who have some parts that seem to me,
but nobody is identical to me.
Therefore, everything that comes out of me
It is authentically mine because I alone choose it.
All my belongs to me - body,
including everything it does;
my mind including all its thoughts and ideas;
my eyes including the images perceived;
my feelings, whatever they may be-
courage, joy, frustration, love, disappointment, excitement;
my mouth, and all the words that come out of it,
Welcome, sweet or sharp, fair or unfair;
my voice, strong or soft;
and all my actions, whether for others or myself.
My fantasies, my dreams, belong to me
my hopes, my fears.
All my triumphs and successes, belong to me
all my failures and mistakes.
Because all what is mine is mine,
I get to get intimately familiar with myself.
And by doing this I can love me and accept me,
and accept all parts of my body.
Then I can make possible everything that belongs to me
work to achieve the best for me.
I know that there are aspects of myself
that confused me, and others that I do not know.
But while I know and love me,
I find courageously and with hope
the solution to my confusion
and the way to get to know me more.
The way it looks, how it sounds to others,
what you say or do, what you think
and feel at any given time I am.
This is authentic and is where I am at this moment.
Translated for educational purposes

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