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On one occasion, a man approached Socrates and told him:
-I have to tell you something very serious from a friend of yours.
Socrates looked at him deeply with his wise eyes and asked:
-Already did what I want to tell by the three strainers test spend?
-Test is that? -told her bewildered man.
-If you don't know, hear me well. The first of the three is the sieve of the truth. Are you completely sure that is true what I want to tell?
-In fact, sure, sure, not. I think that it is true because I heard it's a very serious man, that you not used to telling lies.
-If so, surely that not passed it through the second sieve. It's the strainer of goodness.
Man is blushed and replied timidly:
-Certainly than not.
Socrates looked at him sympathetically and continued saying:
-Although you had passed what you want to tell me why these first two colanders, still third, the utility would be missing you. Are you sure that I will be really useful it you want to tell me?
-Do useful? In fact, not.
-Do you see? said le Sage, if what I want to tell do not know if it is true, and certainly is not good or helpful, I prefer that you not tell me and keep it just for you.
He speaks only the positive of others so that they feel accepted, valued, respected. Words cheering, that they sow confidence, that lie down prejudices and barriers, that warm hearts. The Word can hurt or encourage, discourage or enthuse, be whip or caress. Combat the preconceived ideas, remove prejudices, clean minds. Don't judge others if you do not want to be judged.
Urgent education that recover the Word as communication of respect, friendship, truth. Today it lies much and without the least shame. Advertising and the rhetoric of the politicians have made lie the key to its success. We live in a world of charlatans, stuck in the sound of his hollow words. Therefore, it is urgent to give the word its value. Educating to make the word expression of life, commitment.
Avoid every word that wound, fight with tenacity the culture of the cry, the offense and gossip. It is very difficult to heal a soul wounded by abuse or repair the good name and fame trampled by lies and gossip:
There was once a young man who had very bad temper and was always bravo. One day, his father gave him a bag of nails and told him that whenever he lost patience, he nailed one of them behind the door.
The first day, boy drove 37 nails and a similar number the following days. Gradually, as the weeks passed, the young man was learning to control his character, then became convinced that it was easier to master your temper that continue nailing nails behind the door.
Finally came the day that did not bravo once with what that day did not have to drive any nail behind the door. When it is happy his father, this suggested that from now on, each day that could potentially be controlled completely, start one of the nails that had settled in the former days behind the door.
They were spending the days and the young could finally announce his father that were already not nails by removing the door.
His father took him by the hand, led him to the door and said:
-You've worked very hard, my son, to control your character. I congratulate you. But look at all those holes in the door. And never again will be the same. Whenever you lose patience and try someone in anger, you leave scars on your soul, exactly like that you see at the door. It is truth that you can offend someone and then remove this and until apologize you, but the scar is in the soul.
(Sent by email by William Hernández)

* * *

They say that a very gossipy woman, who was eating leather others, went one day to confess with San Felipe Neri. After listening very carefully to the woman and find out that he used to repeat the lack though usually he did confess that, the wise confessor said to put the penance:
-Go to your House, kill a chicken and bring me plucking it along the way.
The woman obeyed and, while, appeared before the priest with the plucked chicken.
-Now, back the way you came, collect one hen feathers and re-list them into place.
-That's impossible, father! -replied the bewildered woman. No one could do that, and much less today, which makes both wind!
-I know it - told him the priest with sweetness, but I wanted to make you understand that if you can not pick up a chicken feathers scattered by the wind, are how you going to able to repair the negative things you're saying there's your neighbor?
Translated for educational purposes

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