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A charger of water in the India had two large vessels carrying on their shoulders hung to the ends of a stick. One of the pots was perfect and gave water complete at the end of the long road from Brook to the House of the pattern.
The other pot had a crack where it was spilling water along the way. When they arrived, it could only deliver half of its flow.
Two years was repeated day after day this situation. The perfect vessel felt proud of herself, while the cracked vase lived ashamed of its own imperfection and felt miserable about not meet fully the Mission for which it had been created.
One day, he decided to expose their pain and their shame to the Waterboy and said:
-I am very ashamed of myself and I want to apologize to you.
-Why? -asked the Waterboy.
-You know well why. Due to my cracks, you can only deliver half of the water and therefore only receive half of the money that you should receive.
The waterseller smiled meekly and said to the cracked pot:
-When we go tomorrow one again to the House of the pattern, I want you to notice the beautiful flowers that grow along the way.
So did and, indeed, saw that the edges of the road were adorned of beautiful flowers. This view, however, not erased him the grief that grew you in his soul of vessel by not being able to its mission to the fullest. Back at the House, said the water-carrier:
-Do you realise that flowers grow only on your side of the road? I always knew your crack and wanted to take advantage of them. I planted flowers where you were going to spend and every day, without having to work hard for it, you've been watering them. During these two years, I have been able to pick these flowers to decorate the altar of my teacher. If you were not as you are, it not would have been able to enjoy their beauty.
All have cracks and limitations, and yet all worth. Frequently, our weaknesses are our strengths. Being aware of them makes us humble, understanding. There is nothing more unbearable than a person who feels perfect or santa. True Saints recognize sinners and the authentic sages are those they most vocean your ignorance.
We need an education that does not punish the error, they turn it into a wonderful learning opportunity. An education that will transform constraints into challenges and proposals for overcoming that dangers become opportunities. Remember those frogs that lived at the bottom of a well. There, in the dark world, they felt calm. On them opened a pinhole of light and, sometimes, the beautiful face of a yellow braids girl who threw a bucket falling hard in the water. For the frogs in the well, the beautiful face supposed threat and danger: always behind him fell the feared bucket which, if they were neglected, could crush them. But there was a dreamy frog that wanted to know what was on the other side of that hole of light. And one day, took a risk: expected to fall the bucket and, instead of departing, jumped into it. Beautiful girl yellow braids pulled the bucket with the frog inside. There, on the other side of the well, shining an unsuspected world prodigious and green, full of charms, with ponds, flowers, stars and lots of insects that were succulent delicacies.
Salt your dark well. Jumps to the bucket, the unknown. Apart from your fears, the light shines. Despite your cracks and weaknesses, you are a valuable person. Not all worth the same, but all are worth. The challenge is to discover our talents to enhance them and well settled on them, to make life fully.
Don't you consider yourself never superior to others or despise them because you think they are worse or less intelligent than you. Ponte always on the side of the weakest:

* * *

The famous actor and playwright Peter Ustinov was chosen as Godfather of graduation in an English school. At the opening ceremony, the Director congratulated the students excited and announced with pride that a promotion of fifty, only two students had failed to pass the tests and that, therefore, they would not graduate.
When he had to tell the playwright, he devoted his speech to two students who were not going to graduate:
-I do not have any title or preparation and I think that the world needs by the same doctors and workers, doctors and peasants. All value equally and I think that the really important thing is that each finds its mission in life and do it with dignity and honesty. I feel inclined towards the two who failed the exams as I am always inclined to any minority. For this reason, I ask that lower, do not feel like I ask you, not to be here, are superior or better than them. If I had been a student of this school, I am almost certain that would be three the suspended that today we could not graduate.
Translated for educational purposes

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