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Many years ago, when all things have life and even spoke, the Sun and the wind began to argue about which of the two was stronger.
The discussion was rising tone, because each of them was very convinced of their superior strength. While in full fight, they saw that, under them, walked peacefully a man and decided to try the forces.
-You'll see how I launched against him - he said the wind- and take you coat.
That said, the wind began to blow with all his strength. Man, to feel against your body the swipes of the wind, folded arms on the shelter to protect themselves better and went hastily cursing.
The wind was angered still more and brought a heavy rain against the man who, instead of releasing the shelter, was covered with the best thing that could. Then the wind was downloaded against an unforgiving nevada and only was that man acurrucara more and more under his coat.
-No one can remove the shelter - said the wind with spite.
-We will see that now - Sun said calmly, and taking your best smile between two golden clouds, began to shine more and more and launch meekly to the Earth its breath. The man began to feel warmth and sweating, unbuttoned the coat and while, took it off.
-Just see how you have overcome - told the Sun the wind. I've managed to gently that you can't with all your violence.
A man saw a butterfly struggling to get out of its cocoon. For his taste, he did so too slowly, and wanting to help her, began to blow him gently. The heat of his breath certainly accelerated the process. But what came out there was not splendid butterfly that was expected, but a poor creature with broken wings.
(Scott Reeves).
A caress to a cry can, one offense, a slap in the face. Love is stronger than violence and coups. Or with threats or punishment will be able to excite students, or achieve that you want. If you want, they will be excited what propose them. If you are afraid, you will hardly manage to excite them or positively influirás in their behavior or their lives. Put yourself next to the student with kindness, simplicity and joy, respects your pace of learning, its way of being. Try to be his friend, and don't forget that "a friend is someone who knows who you are, that you know where you've been walking, he knows everything that you have done and, despite everything, invites you and helps you to be better".
Each student is different and unique, "blueprint", which has a mission in life and that has you to know it and do it. Without words, tries to strive to become you itself and, thus, you'll be teaching your students to be. Always be true, coherent. If Jesus told us that the truth would make us free, it is also true that only the free ones can be true.
God created us all creators. Creators of the world and creators of ourselves. What distinguishes us from animals is the ability to build, auto create us, be potters ourselves transforming the clay of our talents and possibilities in life and happiness. The art of life is to make life a work of art.
It encourages students to take the challenge of their freedom. Being free is not do what comes me in wins, but do what I done fully. Invites, encourages, Ponte beside the student, but not impose: that he is up to. I know how Jesus, which only proposes, invites, and help. It is what the blessed Pedro Ruiz of cloths, the founder of the disciples of Jesus wrote: "God not binding, does not impose. God called and expected. God is always behaved as a father and not used terms of violence. It presents the grace, offers the treasure, but not forcing us to open it by force. Patiently waiting at the door, until we open":

* * *

They say that the artist Holman Hunt painted a picture of Jesus Christ knocking at the door of his house. He gathered his friends artists and asked that they look at the picture with a critical eye, to see if they detected an error. For quite a while they were observing it and had only words of admiration both for the picture, and the painter. At the insistence of Hunt that followed watching it as no doubt it would have a defect, one of the younger artists, said:
-Sr. Hunt, I think I've found a mistake in the box. You forgot to paint the door latch.
My friend said you Hunt, when Christ called the door of your House, can only be opened from the inside.
Translated for educational purposes

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