Aesop's Fables: The Wolf and the Lamb Brook

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I watched a wolf to a lamb that drinking at a stream, and imagined a simple pretext to devour it. Thus, even when the higher in the course of the stream, accused him him muddy water, preventing him from drinking. And he replied the lamb:
- But if I drink only with the tip of the lips, and am also below and why you can not muddy the water you have back up.
Being teased Wolf, he insisted:
-Last year you injuriaste my parents.
- But back then was not even born I! --
He said the lamb.
Then the Wolf said:
-I see that you justify very well, but not so I will let you go, and you will always be my dinner.

For who do evil is their profession, nothing worth arguments for not doing so.
Do not you ever near where the wicked.

Translated for educational purposes

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