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Alberto Durero was a famous painter and engraver German, without a doubt the most brilliant representative of the Renaissance in Northern Europe. Man of a profound humanism, enjoyed during his lifetime of great prestige and popularity. Among the works that most people like, and which have been reproduced in millions of copies, is their "hands Orantes". This is his story:
Alberto Durero and Franz Knigstein were two young friends who fought against all adversity to become artists. As they were very poor and did not have any patrons who help them, they decided that one of them would study art and the other would seek work and would cover the costs of the two. They thought that, when the first will culminate their studies and whether an artist, with the sale of his paintings could subsidize companion studies.
They cast lots to decide which of the two would go first to the University. Dürer went to classes and Knigstein went to work. Dürer soon achieved fame and genius. After having sold some of his paintings, he returned to fulfill their part in the deal and allow that Franz began studying. When they met again, Alberto proved painfully high price that had had to pay the partner. Delicate and sensitive fingers had been damaged by the long years of hard work. He had to leave his artistic dream, but he did not repent of it, but that he was glad his friend and have been able to contribute to this success.
One day, Alberto surprised his friend on his knees and with his knobby hands entwined in an attitude of prayer. Immediately, the artist featured a sketch that would become one of his most famous works "Hands Orantes".
We need an education that is not merely aimed to train the mind, but also the heart and the hands. Always open hands to help and the service, which never close on fist threatening and hitting. Working, working, hands that assume as a fundamental means of preparation work and seek excellence in everything you do. Hands that caresses, which greet with affection, that applaud joyfully alien wins, that dan but also receive and appreciate. Hands that heal, give warmth, shorten distances. Hands hardened by service and work. As the God:
God has dirty hands tousled hair your clothes smells of Earth and sweat his manners are rough. Yes, because God is in the poor that we found on the street,
the beggar that the workman's calloused hands interrupts our steps the boy who sells newspapers
the mechanic uses FAT.
God is in the worker's calloused hands
and sweat-soaked front
struggling to sow justice
by sow love
amid protests and rebellions.
So God,
always busy, building an ideal.
But there are those who imagine it
sitting on his heavenly throne
clean, serene, immaculate
surrounded by pure angels,
and then think that follow God
He is to depart from the world that surrounds them
and they walk on the shore with hands together,
clean, calm, happy to live there.
Occasionally they put the hands in the world
to do a good deed
that is more like a tranquilizer awareness
and they seek no staining
prevent contamination with dirt
and again go their way
convinced that follow God.
But forget that God has dirty hands
and living with the poor
and who wants to follow you
You must have dirty hands.
God is here, with its favorite sons:
the poor.
She why if you go along? God wants you to stain you hands with which you Dogpile in the human story, as it does the.
You do not hide in the cloak of God
to have nothing to do with those around you.
God fights in today's man
and it has with you.

* * *

A legend says that many years ago three beautiful princesses lived in a Royal Palace. One morning, while walking by the wonderful garden with fountains and roses, they began to wonder which of the three had the most beautiful hands. Elena, who had dyed it fingers of Red holding a few strawberries, ensured that his were most beautiful. Antoinette, who had been among the roses and his hands had been impregnated with perfume, I had no doubt that theirs were the most beautiful. Juana
He had gotten fingers into Crystal Brook and the drops of water sparkled like diamonds. She was also convinced that his hands were the most beautiful.
In those moments, was a thirsty girl who asked an alms. Princesses, seeing its dirty and regrettable, look put face of disgust and went from there. The beggar went to a cabin which was close to where a woman toasted by the Sun and hands coarse and stained by work, gave him a loaf of bread.
The legend, which the beggar was transformed into an angel who appeared in the Garden Gate and told them the princesses:
-The most beautiful hands are those who are willing to bless and help their fellows.

Translated for educational purposes

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