Isla Diego García, the mysterious island

The atoll is located to 500 km. to the South of the Maldives, 2,200 kilometers south of the southern end of India, and 3,500 kilometres from the African coast. It includes some sixty tropical islands of the Chagos Archipelagoin the Indian Ocean, halfway between Africa and Indonesia. The total area of the Islands is 63 km², the largest of them, Diego García, has an area of 44 km². There are five main groups of Islands: Peros Banhos, the Solomon Islands, the Eagle Islands, the Egmont Islands and the three brothers.
It is a colony with the status of British overseas territory whose territory Mauricio and SeychellesGovernments claim. During the year 1966, the British Government expelled shaped forced the entire native population, approximately 1800 inhabitants, in order to rent the island to the United States until 2016, for the installation of a base in the Indian Ocean. As a precondition the Americans demanded the British Government pull out of the territory to the native population and all animals.
Diego García is a US military base since January 1971 and is one of the largest floating prisons of the CIA. It is located in a strategic place under American dominance. It includes in its facilities an airport, hangars, technical areas, homes and other civilian infrastructure, as well as a deep water port.
United States Air Force has a track of 3,650 m for bombers and AWACS surveillance planes, and has offices of the space command to track satellites and space communication. On the island 3 radars there are GEODSS telescope to track and locate objects made by man in space. It also has one of the five stations of the global GPS system monitoring. For Americans, the Island is known as "camp justice," has approximately 2200 soldiers stationed permanently, as well as a nuclear dump, a satellite station spy, shopping centres, bars and a golf course. 

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