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A man decided to go to the market with her twelve-year-old son. They mounted the two on his Mule and undertook the March. While, the people who were found on the road, began to murmur and say:
-What abusers! They have no minor consideration with the poor animal. They will burst of tiredness. How is happens to go both on the Mule-mounted!
To hear these criticisms, the father decided to continue the journey on foot and fell of the Mule. Soon, however, listened to new criticism from those who were in their March:
-The youth of today have lost all respect and education. Seen Tulieries: that mounted the Mule boy in the flower of life and the poor father walking!
The boy fell from the Mule and father rode is in it for this will continue along the road. Once again, they could immediately hear the murmurs:
-So inconsiderate man!: well tranquilazo in the Mule and the poor boy walk. Look at there soulless men... Considered and treated their own children as slaves.
Then the father said to his son:
-Only we need both we load the Mule and I am sure that they also ridiculed us. Us fix the two in the beast, which is what I think most suitable, and others say and think whatever they want.
(Retelling of the fable de Lafontaine)
We teach to act consistently, according to what we think and believe, without being vanes that move to lower blow of opinion. Teach to be persons able to act as men of thought and thinking as men of action. Yes, we always listen to others, but let's and to process their words, to go to the bottom of what we say and find out why they say us, so that we always maintain a firm stance against alleged information, rumours, fashion, values and advertising...
We learn to listen, to reject them and not follow them, the messages of the propagators of false illusions, which sow despondency and despair. We listen and follow those whose words give life, stimulate, encourage the enthusiasm and hope...
Today, the majority of the people, trying to be authentic and original, do what you are told to do, is carried by the fashions, which say, by advertising, by the opinions of others. Think of lent, create and repeat what they hear. Increasingly confused more and more ideas with propaganda, voices with noise, communication with call by phone and hollow chatter.
An education that teach how to be original, to think with his own head and act accordingly, whatever they say, think what others think is urgently needed. Education for authenticity: to help to know, to be evaluated and to engage in a full and authentic life. To do this, we need real educators, actively engaged in the construction of his own fullness.
The man is unreasonable, illogical and ignorant... no matter, accept it!
If you do good, they will say that your purposes are selfish... no matter, do good!
If you make your goals, you'll find false friends and true enemies... never mind, make them!
He rather than you do today, tomorrow no one will remember it... no matter, do good!
Honesty and sincerity make you vulnerable... no matter, be frank and honest!
What years have built can be destroyed in a second... no matter, build!
If aid people will say that you have interests... no matter, help her!
Give the world the best of ti, although you receive kicks... no matter, gives the best of ti! (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

Translated for educational purposes.

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