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A very Holy hermit who lived alone in the mountains down every Sunday to the mass of the people, and after the mass, was a good time playing with the children. He gave them back flips, he threw them in the air, competing with them in racing...Every Sunday it had new games and occurrences. The children loved it.
One day, the teacher approached him to ask him what was his magic so that all the children of the village would like to you both.
-I teach them games that I practice with God - during the week, said the hermit.
As the teacher looked at him with astonishment, the hermit continued looking at him with her eyes meek and deep:
-Yes, I spend it playing with God. Isn't he our father? And what good father does not play with your children? All call Dios the Padre, but the way in which we treat it, we don't seem very convinced of that is actually. Unless we think God is a father very seriously and fastidious.
Which image we have and reflect God's? Do we really believe that it is an infinitely good father who loves us more than we can imagine? A father Castor, playful jokes, who loves to play and have fun with us? And if we truly believe, would demonstrate our acting and our lives? Or do we take God as a parent authoritarian, distant and boring, unable to laugh or smile, i.e. as a bad father? Are they not our prayers and prayers too fastidious and serious? Have we ever dared to play with God?
Certainly, God is the father of all human beings and we called into existence to a life in fullness and joy. But very few people we know it and many are even less that what we experience, we feel his love. Hence, the duty we owe to be mediators of his love with all who are unaware of it, ignore it or have a wrong idea of him.
Many students have never experienced the deep affection of true parents. Strive to treat them and love them so that, through you, they can look out of the unfathomable honduras from the love of God. Or love of María, la Virgen, which has always been sure path to Jesus, and that, as a wonderful mother, enjoy our games and joys, and loves to play with us and see us happy:

* * *

It has a beautiful French legend from the 12th century that an Acrobat and clown, weary of touring the world, came to the Abbey of monks of Clairvaux intending to gather there and devote himself entirely to the service of God. Very soon, however, fell on the account that it was not prepared to live the life of the monks. He couldn't read or write, was very awkward for craftwork and the moments of prayer were endless. As the days passed, I saw more and more depressed, as if a veil of sadness covered his soul.
One morning very early, while the monks were in prayer, clown Acrobat began to wander through the Abbey and arrived at the crypt of the Church, where he discovered an image of the Virgin sitting on his throne. The clown noted with attention your loving face and felt that he had done nothing in his life to show his son love the Virgin. As the only thing that could do well was jumping and dancing, is stripped of his heavy habit and began to exercise their best jumps, grimacing and pranced to the Virgin, while he begged him to accept his performance as proof of their love.
Since that day, while the other monks were given to their prayers, the clown dancing, jumping and exercised their best acts with entire devotion to the Virgin of the crypt. One day a monk doing his antics and jumping surprised him and, racked, ran to tell him the Abbot. Fell the two silently to the crypt and, hidden behind a pillar, witnessed the performance of Acrobat and stunned until he fell exhausted on the floor. Then, could hardly believe what they saw their eyes: the Virgin rose from his throne, wiped his brow of the clown and deposited in a long kiss of gratitude and love.

Translated for educational purposes.

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