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Dan Clark tells us that his brother gave to a friend of his, named Paul, a beautiful sports car as a Christmas gift. When he left office it was already late and saw that there was a boy watching with admiration his brand-new car.
-You is yours this truck, Sir? -You asked with eyes full of wonder.
-Yes, it is mine, it just it I give my brother for being Christmas.
The boy was amazed. It seemed that he could not believe what Paul had him say.
-You want to you say that his brother gave him and you didn't cost anything? Overdid, hopefully...- and left the sentence unfinished hesitating.
It was not necessary to follow. It was clear that I wanted to say that I wish he had a brother as well. But he didn't say that, but something completely different that left ice cream to Paul:
-I wish I could be a brother as well.
Paul looked at the boy surprised and impulsively asked if you'd like a ride in the car.
-Yes, of course, would love to...
After a short ride, the boy stared at Paul and said with determination:
-Lord, would you bother pass in front of my house?
Paul smiled. It was clear that the boy longed that neighbors saw it assembled in this extraordinary sports car. But, for the second time, he was wrong:
-It could stop front of that House that has two steps on the front? Wait just a second, please.
He climbed two steps of a jump. It wasn't much in return. He was carrying his invalid brother. He sat down on the first step and embracing him strongly said:
-Well see this truck, Buddy. Brother gave him for Christmas and it didn't cost a dime. One day, I te regalaré a car like this. I'm going to work very
hard and will save everything it can. The car will be yours. I will only be your chauffeur and go where you want and you can see the mountains, the forests, the sea...
Paul lowered excited and sat down at the small invalid in the front seat. Euphoric older brother came up beside her and the three began a memorable ride. Devastated eyes of tears and a strange softness in his soul, Paul looked dazzling showcases of lights and ornaments. He understood, however, that Christmas was mounted inside his car.
He lives and teaches how to live to make happy those who surround you. Instead of asking you what you will give them to others, ask yourself what are you going to give you. Propose you living so that your family, friends and all those who treat you and know feel a joy having you. Strive, since you get up, as a gift to all who you get on the day. Deemed a gift have been found with you. That your conversation it will come out stronger. Think of how much that it has given you, in what you're privileged. Because you given much, you have much to others. It tries to be a true brother. Remember the poem Amado Nervo give voucher to receive:
Every man who wants you gonna ask you something... The boring rich, the amenity of your conversation; the poor, your money; the sad, a consolation; the weak, a stimulus; that fight, a moral support.
Every man who wants you, insurance is going to ask you something.
And you become impatient!, and you think what hassle!
Unhappy! The hidden law that distributes mysteriously Excellencies,
has deigned to grant you the privilege of privileges,
the sake of goods,
the prerogative of the prerogatives:
To give! YOU CAN GIVE!
How many hours has the day, you give, even if it is a smile,
even a handshake,
Although it is a word of encouragement.
How many hours has the day you look like Jesus,
that is not, but perpetual donation and perpetual gift.
You should fall on their knees before the father and say:
"Thank you because I can give, my father!"
never again will pass by my countenance the shade of impatience"!

* * *

The father died and two brothers, one Bachelor and the other married, inherited the farm which, with the work of both, producing abundant grain, which the brothers distributed in equal parts. But it came a time when married brother woke up every night startled and began to think: "is not fair. My brother is not married and stays with half of the harvest. I
I have a wife and five children to me cared when I get old, but he has no one. For this reason, you need to save much for when no longer able to work". With this thought, that would not let him sleep, he stood from the bed and went to his barn, filled a sack of his wheat, and wore it in stealth to the barn of his brother.
But it came to pass also the unmarried brother began to wake up in the night and think: "Is not just that my brother, who has a wife and five children is only half of the harvest, as it needs much more than I". And with this thought, he got up from the bed and took a sack of grain to the barn of his brother.
One night, rose both at the same time and found each one with his sack of wheat. And the story many years later, when the brothers, the inhabitants of the place who knew this fact, decided to raise a church at the place where it had been found overnight died the brothers by thinking that it was not possible to find a more sacred than that place.

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