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In a distant country, a King came out to fight in front of his soldiers in the thick of the fight, wounded him seriously in one of her thighs, wounds are gangrenaron you and, to save his life, they had to cut off his leg. He returned to his Kingdom and to walk, it was necessary to be help on crutches. To show solidarity with its King, its Prime Minister started walking he also supported on crutches despite having two legs in perfect condition. Soon, they began to imitate them many careerists and pullers never missing, and within days, almost the entire population of that country walked with crutches. Over time the crutches have become symbol of distinction and hierarchy: the rich made them with fine woods and incrusted them jewels and precious stones, traders rushed to assemble several factories of crutches and shout their functional advantages, began to be despised and held by barbarians who still walked without crutches, and very soon in schools began to teach how to walk with crutchesvarnishing them and care for them. All came to believe that it was much better to walk with crutches that without them and the Council of Ministers managed to convince the King to issue a Royal Decree prohibiting walking without crutches and demanding that every child, from birth, was trained to walk with his crutches.
He was spending the time, and in that country nobody knew that it was possible to walk without his crutches...
After many years, an unhappy young man began to say that the crutches were a hindrance and that it was possible and even preferable to walk without them. Nobody gave much importance to their ideas as young Follies, laughed at him, and waited for that time would return you good sense.
But young was still insisting on his crazy idea. It seemed that not she could rid of head and dreamed of running without crutches by the mountain, climbing trees, climbing mountains... In vain tried his parents make him enter reason:
-You are no longer any child to continue with these crazy - said his father - a day with real anger. I forbid you to broach the subject again. Your behavior is bringing us many problems. Everyone starts to look ugly and they spend murmuring your proceed and our weakness that you allow to follow with your crazy. From now on, if you want to continue to live in this House, you have completely forbidden to talk about it.
Anything served threats and punishments. Young wasn't going to abandon an idea that had taken over his life entirely, and sowed you sparks of hope in their eyes and put him to gallop afiebradamente heart. When rumors that the young man had been caught practicing secretly walking without crutches raced, they began to seriously worry the authorities of that country and, as a last resort, was sent to the priest of the place
to that convinced him for good. If he failed, they would have to come from a much more severe way. They would not allow the follies of a young planted the seeds of disintegration and disharmony.
-How can go against our traditions and our laws? -told him the priest-. For years and years, all have gone perfectly with the help of crutches. With them, you feel more secure, and have to do less effort with his legs. The crutches are a great invention, symbol of civilization and science. God gave us intelligence so that we use it; going against the crutches is going against God. Only animals, which are inferior beings, they can walk without them. Do you intend that we imitate them and throw away many years of advances and progress? How are you going to despise our libraries where focuses all the knowledge of our ancestors on the construction, use and maintenance of the crutches? How are you going to disrespect our national symbols carrying a crutch in the coat of arms and the flag? What sense will have our prayers in which every day thank God giving us the wisdom to improve increasingly the use of crutches? We going to ignore well based on his crutches to our heroes, our sages and our Saints who raised his glory, wisdom and Holiness?
Also failed the priest, and to prevent the spread of such pernicious ideas, he was imprisoned the young. There was practicing with greed his proposal to get rid of the crutches. His weak legs were strengthening, and each day their walk was more secure and firm.
They decided to banish him from the country. They took him out of jail and eyes undaunted of all, young threw his crutches to the air and began to run screaming in joy, to meet himself, of his freedom.
How we charge of crutches to feel safe and important! The crutches of money, fame, power, new truck, the credit card, of the title... Based on our crutches we believe us superiors, we hide our insecurity, our fears behind them. We confuse freedom with fill us with things, rely on Golden crutches. Now nobody dares to be him, to walk without crutches. We are confusing freedom with tie us to our whims and desires, when true freedom consists in releasing any crutch and tie, to live so that nothing or no one has power over one. Freedom involves a series of ruptures of everything that prevents us from living with authenticity, of all that binds us and enslaves.
In Chapter 5 the Gospel of Juan, the paralytic carrying 38 years of immobility, is fully relying on the word of Jesus, rises, throws his crutches to the air and begins to walk free, while all others are paralyzed by the crutches of their fundamentalism, fear of change, laws, and customs...
He throws to air the crutches of the weight of tradition, customs and routines, which will say... The crutches of a culture that fills us with desires and false assurances to prevent us from living. The crutches of the title, which paralyze us in our own complacency and not let us run to meet the student!
Are crutches that help you to walk; rather, are they which prevent from it:
For seven years I could not take a step. When I went the great doctor asked me: "Why carry crutches?" And I said: "because I'm crippled".
"It is not strange - I said-.
Try to walk. Are these junk
those who stop you from walking.
Anda, dare, crawl on all fours!"
Laughing like a monster,
removed me my beautiful crutches,
broke them in my back and, without laughing,
He threw them into the fire.
Now I'm cured. Ando. He healed me a laugh.
Only, sometimes, when I see bats, way something worse for a few hours.
(Bertolt Brecht)
Dare to be yourself, walking with firm steps towards your freedom. God created you so you were free, so do not let you catch by whims or fears. Scale the Summit of yourself, you don't have fear at the height, the abyss or the night. Cut the rope preventing you to be free. Throw you in the arms of God and trust in full of it:

* * *

A climber dreamed of climbing it only the Aconcagua. For months it prepared with patience and enthusiasm for this adventure that had taken over his life completely. And finally came the day that launched the long March. As it went up, the effort and emotion beat dispositive becoming stronger in his heart. At his feet were leaving the trees, the rivers, the last vestiges of life. Only was it, mountain, and dreams to become a reality.
Already he caressed with their eyes the Summit when he fell hit overnight with its long darkness. While I hardly saw, he decided to go ahead, caught up by the excitement of staying overnight at the peak to watch the sunrise from there.
A wrong step, a slip, and began to roll quickly mount down, until a strong pull almost splitting it into two stopped him coup: the rope that was tied to the waist prevented him from that you fall into the abyss.
After recovering the calm and found hanging from a rope in the middle of a closed and black night, only occurred to him cry with despair:
-Help me, my God! Help me, please!
Suddenly fell upon him a profound and serious voice:
-What you want to do?
-Save me, my God!
-Do really think that I can and I want to save you?
-Yes, I do, I know well that you are my father and that you love me...
-Then, you cut the rope that holds you!
The climber did not expect such a response. How was it going to cut the rope if it was that prevented him from rolling down the abyss, falling into any crack or crashing against the rocks! Surely God had not spoken to him. How would you talk Dios? Their fear and despair had imagined that God spoke to him. The man clung more to his rope and set out to spend the night there. The wind wailed beside her increasingly colder...
It has the rescue team that found a climber frozen, died of cold, seized with despair to a rope hung...TWO METERS FROM THE GROUND...
Translated for educational purposes

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