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On one occasion, the Minister in charge of the tax was to wash your feet at the edge of a pond and, by mistake, fell into the water.
Immediately, came a group of people who are wanting to assist the Minister, told him:
-Of me your hand!
However, and although he was drowning, the Minister not lengthened the hand. At that time went by there Afanti and, after observing what was happening, also approached the pond and shouted:
-Excellence, take my hand!
Instantly, the Minister clung to the hand of Afanti and came out of the pond.
As attendees were amazed, Afanti explained:
-The Minister responsible for the tax does not know the meaning of the word "give", because it is only dedicated to "take" and "receive".
(The Chinese folktale)
Many of us seem to us too close to the Minister of the story: we are always waiting for you to give us, but we are unable to give, give. The oil culture we grew accustomed to expect us to pay well, without putting our effort and productivity as a counterpart. We are convinced that Venezuela is a country immensely rich and have the right to a good life simply for being Venezuelan. Believing that we are rich prevents us from out of our poverty. How many workers, employees and professionals spend complaining about their salaries but never analyzed his performance.
Genuine educators must live in our practice and therefore teach students the gift of responsibility, delivery and service. Schools and high schools must be environments where it is practiced, you live and therefore learning, generosity and solidarity. Rather than always asking and waiting for you to give us, ask rather what will give us: what are we going to give to Venezuela, the school, the family, the colleagues... Let us remember and pray from time to time the beautiful prayer of generosity:
Send me someone to love
Lord, when you're hungry, send me someone who needs food,
When you're thirsty, send me someone who needs a drink,
When cold, send me someone who needs heat.
When you have an annoyance, introduce me to someone who needs a consolation.
When my cross is heavy, get me to share the cross of another,
When you are poor, put me close to someone needy.
When time fails me, someone send me need some minutes
When you suffer a humiliation, gives me the opportunity to praise someone, when you are discouraged, send me to someone who needs to be encouraged, when it is necessary to be understood, send me someone to understand,
When you need to take care of me, send me someone who care,
When you think of myself, it attracts my attention toward another person. Make us worthy, Lord, to serve our brothers and sisters, who live and die without education in this world today.

Translated for educational purposes.

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