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A ramshackle bus rolled painfully on a rural highway. In one of the seats, an old man holding a beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut flowers, which were perfuming the rarefied air. Two seats beyond, was a pretty young woman who could not watch the bouquet with astonished eyes. The time when the old man had to get off. Suddenly and, to the surprise of all passengers, gave the bouquet of flowers to the girl who had so much admired.
-I think that would like my wife to you - to have them said between smiles. I'm going to say that I gave them.
He tore off the bus and the girl who accepted embarrassed and grateful flowers, could see through the window that the old man was opening the gate of a small cemetery.
Many people brings flowers to the dead in the Tomb, and throughout his life never had a detail with them. Be nice, give your smile flower, while you can, people who live next to you. As the old proverb says: "better give a flower to a living who mourn torrents on your grave". Highlight the positive, I know a gift for others, to stimulate your life to live.
Where have they gone to flowers?
Tell me! where have they gone to flowers?
The flowers of the joy of living,
things fair, good, and beautiful flowers?
Where are you?
In the news, reports,
in everyday conversations?
They are dead and drowned
under an avalanche of news of hatred,
of violence, murders,
alcohol, sex, consumption,
scandal of large and small.
No one sees flowers.
No one hears of them.
They have died wilted
in the portfolio of sellers of sensationalism and on the lips of the prophets of the disaster. Tell me! where have they gone to flowers? The flowers of small mutual aid, the flowers of our shared problems of our time given to those in need, our concerns for the solos and the clumsy. You have a heart and a head... and there is someone you need ti
Prepare flowers!
For many, life is like a desert
because they don't know the friendship,
because no one wants them,
because no one tends them one-handed.
Even if they seek it,
There is not a sign to them
of sympathy, affection.
For them a flower never blooms!
It gives the flower of a kiss, a smile. A smile lasts a moment, but can be eternal in the memory. Nobody is so rich that you do not need it, nobody is so poor that it can not give. A smile can lie distances and barriers, bring the hearts:

* * *

Antonio de Saint-Exupéry is known by his masterpiece "The little Prince" who love big and children alike. Most ignore, however, that Saint Exupery was a remarkable man, a great human sensibility and an extraordinary dedication to service. During the second world war, he fought with unused value as a war pilot the tyranny of the nazis and, in fact, died in action. Years earlier, he had fought the fascists in the Spanish civil war. This experience left us a beautiful story entitled La Sonrisa, that it is not known if it was real or a literary creation inspired by some event that lived during the war.
The writer has that he was captured by the enemy and thrown in a cell. I knew they were going to kill him the next day and was extremely nervous. He rummaged in his pockets in search of a last cigarette and, luckily, got one. With trembling hands he brought it to his mouth, but I had no matches.
He looked at the jailer who, without paying the slightest attention, was distracted by cleaning his weapon.
-Lord, not could I fire? -asked the prisoner with a sore voice.
The jailer looked at him a moment, shrugged and approached to light her cigarette. Fire him approach, his eyes crossed with the Saint Exupery offered a deep smile of thanks. That smile is set in the heart of the jailer who sweetened their look and is was smiling you awhile fondly. The smiles were erasing the differences and bringing their hearts. They were not prisoner and jailer, but two men trying to be understood and accepted.
-Do you have children? -asked the jailer with keen interest.
Saint Exupery showed excited your family photos. Also the jailer brought his own and began to talk excitedly of their children, of the desire that had to see them, things that would make them when the war ended.
-I, however, never again to see them - he said between sobs Saint Exupéry, and their cries and their deep pain filled with tears the eyes of the jailer who, without saying a Word, opened the cell and silently led the writer to life and freedom.

* * *

The father was furious when his three-year-old daughter spent around a roll of paper wrap gifts to decorate the box which was going to put under the Christmas tree. They were very short of money and that wastage seemed all a swear word. Despite the scolding, the next day the girl took the box to his dad.
-This is for ti, papi.
The father felt ashamed of his former anger, but turned his anger when he saw that the box was empty.
-It is assumed that if you go to give something, does not deliver an empty box - told cries the Pope-. You spent all the paper and all, to deliver a box empty.
- But is not empty - told him the girl sobbing. All day yesterday I was filling it with kisses.

Translated for educational purposes

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