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There was a sincere and good King who ruled the country with justice and goodness. Instead of living trapped in his palace, he used to explore the boundaries of his Kingdom, in order to observe the problems and try to help people. If he saw that his subjects were cheerful, his heart jumped for joy.
But the good King was getting old and had to hand over the reign to one of his four sons. They wanted much to his father and the King loved them all equally. For this reason, it was not easy to decide who would be his heir. Then, came up with talking individually with each one of them to detect which had the best qualities to be a good King. He summoned them to his office and posed first to Juan, his eldest son.
-I am already old, my son and I would hand over my throne to one of you. For this reason, I want to ask you something: what would you do if tomorrow were the King of the country?
Juan thought a good time its response and, finally, said:
-It would be that all the men of the Kingdom were well trained and armed so that they were well able to defend themselves against any enemy. The strength of a country lies in its armies and the strength of his men.
-Very well, son--said the King, analyze your response.
Upon exiting Juan, entered the second son, a very intelligent boy. The King you
He said:
-José, my son, I am already too old and would like to give you the Kingdom. But first I will answer a question.
The King made him the same question that had done before to Juan and José, after thinking a while, responded:
-I would look the way that everyone in the Kingdom is instruction. It would open many schools so that everybody could study because the strength of a country lies in the statement.
Good said the King, I'll review your answer.
The third son, Francisco, who was very religious, said his father's question saying that many churches would raise up, and foster the worship and prayer, because the greatness of a country resided in the firmness of the religion.
When it was the turn of the younger son, did not appear anywhere. After a while, came running and agitated, and the King asked him:
-What, son? Where were that not you went to talk to me when you played you? Just in case are you not interested in becoming a King?
Pedro, who was the youngest son, said containing the gasps of tiredness:
-What happened, father, is that, while I was waiting for my turn, I found out that Santiago, the old master of the horse, had been kicked by a horse and thought, at that time, the most important thing was running to his aid to see if I could do something for him.
The King hugged him excited, and said:
-I know who will be my successor: you, Pedro, because you know not only what the people need to be happy, but you're always willing to do so. You
you know to serve and that's the most important thing.

* * *

There once was a Rabbi who had a reputation for Holy. People lived intrigued because every Friday he disappeared without that nobody knew where I was going. Due to his kindness and good name, began spreading the rumor that these absences on Friday, was going to meet with the Almighty.
Out of doubt, they commissioned someone who secretly followed the Rabbi and find out where I was going. On Friday, "spy" followed the Rabbi on the outskirts of the city and a hour and a half later, when their legs already were tired because the Rabbi steps were very vigorous, discovered that this is cloaked in the guise of peasant and well dressed, went into a miserable ranch where used to respond to an unbelieving woman who was paralyzed.
In the following hours, Rabbi washed and ironed clothes of the sick, prepared food for that day and the Saturday, cleaned the House, made some arrangements and cut wood to feed the fire throughout the week.
When the 'spy' returned to the Congregation, all members of the community surrounded him anxious.
-Did the Rabbi? -asked. Did you see him go up to heaven?
-No - replied the 'spy'-. I saw him climb much higher.
(Taken from Armando José Sequera, "Tales of Humor, wit and wisdom")
dios Creador made us in his image and likeness, made us creators. He created all things and put them to our service. With our action we must recreate the world, humanize it, make more human every day. A world where there are no people hungry, homeless worthy, no schools, no love.
God himself became man to clinch us, with his word and by example, the important thing is the service. That is why his main command, the hallmark of his followers love is practical, which cure diseases, calm the hunger, offers heart... Important is the strength, the wisdom, religious fervor, but nothing worth without charity or solidarity. Own sentence makes no sense if it doesn't help me to be better, if it I do not go out prepared to pour me on others. We have to be like the spring, not keeping to its flow, if not that spills giving life. And it does so with joy, singing. If you kept to your water, you rot and songs would die you. How much more love demos, we fill most love. The only way to fill us with love is giving it. Everything that we give to others, ends up returning to us. Complain of hunger, pain, misery, involves committing to relieve them or eradicate them. Compassion comes from sharing: participate in the same passion, the same suffering. If you arrested for being a Christian, and said that the hallmark of Christian love is returned service what evidence would argue to condemn you? He lives and teaches how to live life as a gift to others. "All love and serve," said Ignacio de Loyola.
Remember the beautiful poem by Gabriela Mistral:
All nature is a yearning for service.
It serves the cloud, wind serves, serves Groove.
Where there is a tree planting, plant it
where there is an error that amend, amend it
where there is an effort that all Dodge, accept you.
I know that set off Stone Road,
the hatred of the hearts,
and the difficulties of the problem.
There is joy of being healthy and be fair;
but above all, there is
the beautiful joy to serve.
How sad would be the world
If everything in it is already done,
If there is a rose Bush planted,
a company that take...
But don't fall into the trap
thinking makes only merit with the great works; There are small services which are good services: decorating a table, order a few books, combing a girl. One is that criticism; that is he who destroys. You know the one that serves.
The serve is not task of inferior beings.
God, who gives the fruit and light, served.
You could call it that: who serves.
It has eyes fixed on our hands and ask us every day:
You served today?
To whom?
To the tree, your friend, your mother?

* * *

The story that there was a fourth King magician, who arrived late to the appointment of Bethlehem by staying to help an old man. When he arrived, already the Holy family had fled to Egypt. There he was in his quest, but it took much to arrive because the way it took much helping those in need was. It lost contact with the child until, at the age of thirty, he began to hear rumors and news of a great prophet in Galilee. From the first moment, he guessed that it was Jesus, and departed in search. Once again, it was delayed by the way helping the needy, and could only meet with Jesus when he went to Calvary charged with his cross.
-I wanted all my life - said with watery eyes - and when at last I find you, they'll kill you.
Jesus turned his bloodied face toward him and said with an impossible smile:
-Not needed for me, because you were always on my side.

Translated for educational purposes

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