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Returning a peasant home with his cart, when, suddenly, it came out with a wheel. As it came time to do his prayers still had not overcome the problem, the farmer left wheel repair and decided to pray. To his surprise, he discovered that had left forgotten in his home the book of prayers and, as it had a very bad memory, decided to pray in the following way:
-Lord, as does not suit the book of prayers, I will recite the alphabet several times and you forms with my lyrics words that you like, so you should say to yourself the things you like, things that I would be unable to tell you because I am a clumsy and foolish man.
When the farmer concluded, the Lord said to one of the angels that they were accompanying him:
-Of all the prayers I have heard today, this has undoubtedly been the best, because it has sprouted a simple and sincere heart.
(Tale of the sect of the Jassidim, taken from "Tales of humor,
(wit and wisdom", Armando José Sequera).

* * *

A Bishop recently named in the South seas, wanted to visit every corner of his vast diocese. Towards the end of the tour, he glimpsed a small island. -Is it inhabited? -He asked.
-Yes, but only by three old fishermen - they answered him-. Not worth your excellence to waste your time visiting them. They live isolated from everyone, as primitive, almost as wild. Some say they are Stooges.
-In any case, I would like to visit them--insisted the Bishop.
So they changed the route and headed for the island. The Bishop wanted to disembark only and was received with all kindness by three elderly strangers, who provided his Excellency its best fruits and all their kindness.
-My sons - asked the Bishop - can tell me how to spend the time on this island?
-I'm very busy - said the first-. Very early I'm going fishing so that my brothers have nothing to eat. In addition, networks are already very old and spending much time patching them.
-Also I pass it very occupied, said the second. Early on, I'm going to hunt down the mountain. With the skin of wild animals do shoes and
dresses to cover the body. We use the feathers for mattresses and pillows. If an edible animal saucepan, we eat his flesh...
-As for me - said the third-, I built this humble cabin and keep it clean and groomed, and try, when returning my two brothers, having food ready - try to prepare each what he likes-, and water for washing and cooling. In these tasks, the time I passed in an instant.
The Bishop nodded with his head and, when they had finished, he asked them:
- But, when they pray?
Three elders looked on in amazement. "Do pray? What is that? We are ignorant, don't understand how do you pray?"
Then the Bishop, with great patience, was explaining what was the sentence. "We must pray that God help us. God is the father of us all, and we have to ask for the strength to live every day as brothers. We pray not to be selfish, not to fall into temptation, so let us help us and forgive us".
The three elders winking you in silence, grief-stricken and bewildered.
-It would leave them these books of prayers, but probably can not read.
-No, we do not know - said somewhat saddened elders.
Bishop tried in vain to teach memorization of some simple sentences. As much as striving, the elders could not retain them.
Feeling failed, the Bishop had no choice but to say goodbye to them. The elders were sad.
In the placidity of his bedroom, the Bishop gave turns in his bed without being able to sleep. Finally, he heard a vigorous voice which said to him:
-Why do you get with my beloved children? How do you dares to teach them to pray if they spend all day praying? Get up and immediately returns to the island. Restore the joy telling them that I like very much his prayer.
(Retelling of a story of Bernard Bro)
In a world and a culture that propose lower shamelessly individualism and selfishness as fundamental values to Excel and succeed, which have consumed and grab things as means of achieving the authentic
personal fulfillment, today need much prayer. A prayer that transforms the life giving fruit, which translates into willingness to change in strength to continue paddling against the current, in proximity and service to others. We need to pray much to be strong, to dare to be free, to engage radically in the delivery and love. A sentence that does not move to the service, which does not lead in proximity to others, is a sterile prayer.
The prayer that is pleasing to God, is that springs from a sincere heart and drives to be better every day. A prayer that translates into works. Pray and not engage in service to the brother is to find a dialogue narcissistic with one's self. The sentence, if it is sincere, we should leave stronger, more sympathetic, more good, more helpful. Pray implies the commitment to try to live according to the prayer. Of very little serves to ask for the poor, by the students and their families, if we don't do anything for them, if we are not pending your needs and are committed to remedying them. Reminds the man that, seeing the misery of the street children, beggars, torments and pains of so many innocent people needs, raised a day fists to the sky and challenged God in this way: "how you can be so cruel! Is it possible that you do not do anything before so much suffering! "." Suddenly, the heavens were opened and he stepped out of them the response to your complaint: "How can you say that I don't do anything. I've done a ti".

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