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Many years ago, lived a wise man that said that he kept the secret of happiness in a box. Kings and most powerful lords of the Earth provided the wise their fortunes and powers to show them the contents of the trunk. Some even tried to snatch the coffer by force, but all their efforts were futile because as the man was always very wise you managed them is so that no one will find your chest.
Good man lived happier everyday, while increased unhappiness of anyone, eaten by envy and impotence, sought in vain to take over the chest.
One day, was filed with the Sage a child begging him that he had discovered the secret of happiness. Seeing its purity and simplicity, the Sage told him:
-To you if I'm going to show you my secrets. Come with me and pay attention. In fact, there are two chests where I keep the secrets to be happy. And those chests are my mind and my heart. Why no one has found them yet as much as have come to look for them and have been removed by force all my belongings and my furniture. The great secret that keep these chests is a series of steps you must take in life if you really want to be happy. The first step is to recognize the existence of God in all things and, therefore, you must love it and thank you for everything you have and everything that happens to you. The second step is to love yourself: love you much and every day, you wake up and lie down, must repeat yourself over and over again: "I'm important, worth much, I am able to, I'm smart, I'm loving, I expect much from me, there is no obstacle which I could not overcome". The third step is to put into practice everything you say you are. I.e., if you think you're smart, act intelligently; If you think that you you can, do what you propose; If you think you're loving, it expresses your affection to people you love; If you think that there are no obstacles that you can not overcome, propose you goals in your life and struggle for them to achieve them. The fourth step is that you must not envy anyone so it has or what it is, because envy fills the heart of pain and anger. They met their goals, strive for you to achieve yours. The fifth step requires you to that you not hostels grudges towards anyone in your heart; If someone hurts you, forgive him and forget. The sixth step is that you should not take things that do not belong to you; It recalls that, according to the laws of nature, if today you take something, tomorrow will be removed to you something of more value. The seventh step, you must not mistreat anyone, all the beings of the world have the right to be respected and we want. And finally, always get up with a smile to blossom lips, look to your around and see in all things good and beautiful life side, think of all that has been given you, in what you're having everything you've got, privileged help others without expecting anything in return, look fondly to the people and give themlike me I have done with you, the secret of happiness.
A famous English proverb says: "the aim of life is to be happy. The place to be happy is where you are located and the time to be happy is now."
If God created us all and each one of us by love, created us to be happy. All have a right to seek happiness and find it. What happens is that the majority of people busily seeks happiness not where. They seek it in the money, in pleasure, in power, without suspecting that it is within each one of them. The key to happiness is in oneself and to do what one should do in the most perfect way. It is, in short, look for excellence in the everyday life of what one ago. Do everyday things as best as possible. Where the word better regains all its technical, aesthetic and moral dimension.
The child to whom the wise opened the treasures of their chests, told me the secret to being happy. I wanted it will tell you that they communicate it to others and, above all, so practice the steps of happiness in his life. Strive to be good and we will be happy. We do with
perfection what we have to do and the happiness you will arrive to us alone:

* * *

A puppy was busy trying to grab his own tail. It passed by there a dog old and wise, and to see him so desperate, asked:
-What are you doing that you see so busy in this kind of gymnastics so impossible?
-They have been told that happiness is in my queue. If I catch it, I'll be
The wise dog looked at him with gentle understanding and said:
-It is true that happiness is in the tail. Why I do what I have to do and go where I have to go and she always follows me.
Translated for educational purposes

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