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As I was in need of money, Saladin intended to put a trap a rich Jew who was subject to yours, with the idea of some profit thereby. He ordered, then, call him at his presence, and asked what was, in their opinion, the best religion. "If he says that it is the Jewish - thought Saladin-, I will say that sins against my faith. If he says that he is Muslim, I'll ask you then that why it professes the Jewish".
After hearing the question of the sovereign, the good Jew replied as follows:
-Lord, once there was a father who had three beloved children. And he had in his possession a beautiful ring, adorned with the best diamond in the world. The three children longed for inherit the ring on the death of the father and therefore tried to gain your preference. But the father, eager to please them all, called best goldsmith and asked him to make two equal to his rings. So did Goldsmith, and nobody was able to distinguish what was the real ring. Nobody, except the father. One day, he commanded to call their children and gave each a ring, so he thought that this was true.
The Jew then paused and then continued:
-Thus becomes of faith and religion, Mr. There are three very similar religions: Jewish, Christian and Muslim. He professes some of them is convinced that that is true. But just know that God who smiles to all and only asks that each carry it with dignity and decorum, as the ring that the father gave each of their children.
Religion is a way to reach God. And the Dios of Jesús can only be reached through love and service to the brother, to the needy. Unfortunately, often the religion has been used to impose lifestyles that dislike to God. In the name of God and religion have been committed appalling crimes and gruesome religious wars cross all historical periods. In fact, religions have promoted more violence than peace in the world, for the history of religions has been too often a history of fratricidal rivalry, fanaticism, intolerance and exclusion
The truth of a religion is expressed in the goodness of the heart, in the service, not on dogma. A religion that promotes hatred, that promotes fanaticism, that allows offences, cannot be expression of a faith in a God who is revealed as infinitely good-natured father, invites us and encouraged to live as brothers. All must be a God punishing tyrant, exclusivist, cruelly atheists... Religion should be a source of joy, not fear.
Teach your students to be tolerant, to respect people regardless of their religion or whether they believe or not in God, to flee the fanaticism, to live with joy the expression of his faith in the service of others, whether believers or not.

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