Tierra del fuego: the last place in the world

Paradise for explorers and hidden treasures, Tierra del Fuego, is an ideal destination to begin the adventure. Its imposing geography offers the most outstanding corners of our country. It is a province of Argentina , which is bounded to the South by the canal Beagle, to the East by the Atlantic Ocean and to the West by the Pacific Ocean.
In the South, where the horizon seems to rest on the sand, rises between mountain ranges, forests and endless seas, the southernmost island of the world. The immensity of "Land of the fires", as he called it Magallanes and baptized this province of Argentina, refuge to more than a hundred thousand inhabitants, who face every day the weather and enjoy at the same time, of the desert beauty of its geography.
Land of legends, today the region offers travelers attractive proposals to find out, as did the early explorers, the most stunning corners of its soil. Horseback riding, 4 x 4 excursions to the mountain, trekking and walks in the forest tend to be preferred by tourists.
To the northeast of the Island, around the Bay of San Sebastián, extends the Atlantic coast reservation, a landscape painted by meadows, cliffs and coastal soils. If one is lucky, you can get to see, from a distance, the black neck swans flying over the reservoir. The place is also home to a variety of bird species. This site is one of the most important areas for nesting of the South American population.
A little further to the North stands the Salesian mission Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria. There, three centuries-old buildings are found as traces of the evangelization of the onas Indians, during the colonization of the Americas. In addition to the Monsignor José Fagnano Museum, which exhibits a large number of photos, Spears, and letters from the mission, is an old chapel of 1898, another symbol of the past.
Constant urban development turned Ushuaia, its capital, into a modern and attractive city. To discover its streets, museums and historical monuments, the Explorer has micro double decker bus that runs along the touristic highlights of the city points.
However, the best travel is carried out aboard the Train of the end of the world. Locomotive picturesque and narrow gauge steam-powered, their cars and the train plunge into the depth of forests, rivers and waterfalls that hide the landscapes of the National Park. Fishing the rivers of Tierra del Fuego has fame, being the best fishing rivers, where you can find several varieties of trout native to up to 10 kg.
The foothills and Andean region of the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, including the island States, to be perhumeda is a biome of dense forests antiboreales, in which predominate the lenga, ñire, coihue, canelo, and the hard wood, or alien species as the firs and maples. During the fall and much of the summer the wooded area of Tierra del Fuego is covered with foliage in which predominate colors red and orange.
A trip placed is crossing the Beagle Channel towards the old lighthouse of Eclaireurs (called the lighthouse in the end of the world). Above a boat, one can visit the Bridges Islands and its surroundings. A beautiful postcard is the Isla de los Lobos, whose protagonists are the sea lions in search of a little sun.
Also highlights the Island of the birds, the reserve that protects the seabirds of the region. Just raise the view, one can see a thousand cormorants flitting between the clouds.
Climbing the Hill courts is another unforgettable experience. The trekking through forests of lengas and guindos covering the slopes of the Hill. Two hours of ascent are worth. Along the way, condors and Eagles watching from great heights to new visitors. Once at the top, the nature is essential in all its glory. The cold wind touches the nose and itchy ear, while the clouds are so close that they seem to touch the head.
Tierra del Fuego is also one of the destinations chosen by cruise ships arriving from Buenos Aires and other parts of the world to dock in the port of Ushuaia, who choose this province to explore patagonia. Indeed, all the places of Tierra del Fuego to invite relaxation and adventure.

Translated for educational purposes
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