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A King told you a wise sufi as extraordinarily good and generous that they were his subjects.
-You are very wrong - told the wise.- The people of Kingdom acts according to appearances. They give little importance to the facts, which are those who demonstrate great spirits.
Hearing this, the courtiers were brave and begged the King not to do case that false Sage.
-Majesty, they will say what they want, but in this vile world, everything works the other way around: the most precious person is worth nothing, and the person who is worthless is the most beautiful.
-Prove me wrong - the King said-. If you don't, I'll send to cut you the head say false and outrageous things.
The sufi Sage invited the King to disfrazara as a common person and thus give a tour of the city. They came to the market and the sufi Sage insinuated to the King who requested a kilo of cherries that would serve to save the life of a very serious sick.
The pleas of the King were useless. The shopkeeper, tired of argue with him, threw it from the place and told him that if he was not going soon, you could remove it sticks.
-Things that should hear one in life - he muttered the merchant-. Perhaps I have face of idiot? These miserable beggars no longer know what to invent to trick one.
The King was about to reveal his identity when the sufi took him outside. They walked a good time and arrived on the banks of a river that was grown with the water. Inadvertently, the sufi gave a push the King who fell into the water. He began to scream for help, but although approached many onlookers attracted by her screams, nobody did anything. He was about to drown, when a beggar, the most ragged of the city, was launched into the water and saved the King.
Then the sufi approached the King who was shivering from cold and indignation, and you
He said:
-Did you see how it was true what I said? When you, you are the most valuable person in the Kingdom asked for a kilo of cherries to save the life of a sick person, you didn't get anything and until you were about to you leaving you head blows. Instead this beggar, who is supposed to be the person who is worth less in your
realm, he has exposed his life for you and has saved. Appearances are not what count, but the facts.
Live life like action. Each day imposes us stronger culture of appearance, the what they will say. We give away by meet, not look bad, because everyone does it..., no please. Managed by the advertising and the ads, we buy what we need, not what the market needed to buy. The market creates continuously new products and television is in charge of converting them into needs. We speak without thinking about what we say, live routines, bought advertising. We say that we we had so much fun at the party because he is expected to say that, which we liked so much hyped film that everyone says that it is very good, although we have supremely bored seeing her. We applaud because everyone does it; We smiled, without knowing why, when everyone does it. In short, each day are less people who dare to live, to be masters of their own lives: most are lived by others: TV, customs, fashions, which will say...
We treat others according to their appearance. We are grown when we can see or shake hands with an Idol, a famous character, regardless of whether it is a selfish sovereign, or a jerk, slave of his image and his reputation. On the other hand, we despise and we move away from the poor, the humble, whom we often see as threats.
We need an education that teach to see reality, beyond appearances. An education capable of seeing each student with the eyes of God:
Who could see
how much does beggar, gold
in the doll, makeup mirror, the signature on the check, the title framed on the wall. Who could see
how much it has infinite, a dead hand, a face behind bars,
a smile
without pay,
(Benjamín González Buelta)
How many times do not see students as it is, but as we believe that it is. We succumbed to the image that we have made of it, and we resist to accept the evidence.

* * *

They say that on one occasion that the famous British actor, sir John Gielgud, he was visiting in the United States, stared at him fixedly a lady and told her:
-Did you know that looks a lot like the actor Gielgud?
-I am Gielgud - replied the actor with a smile.
The woman continued looking at him with extreme curiosity. After a while, he said:
-Certainly, if it is not because I know very well Sir John Gielgud, you could have me fooled becoming pass by it.
Also have a contest to imitate Charles Chaplin, own actor took part and it was only third.
(Taken from "At home with God").

Translated for educational purposes

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