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Eduardo Galeano has who, according to the old sages of the Colombian region of Chocó, Adam and Eve were black and blacks were his sons Cain and Abel. When Cain killed his brother, they thundered thereby the wrath of God killer paled from guilt and fear, and turned so much that it became white pale. From him descend all whites.
To help in the catechesis, that European missionary had taken a series of pictures and films of his country, Africa so that the faithful will better displayed your message. His voice was shaking to show the torments of the damned that writhed in the flames as it could be seen that picture of hell. And people, despite the scary tone of his voice and the terrible thing of the scene, laughed. It began first one, then the laughter was growing laughter as a strange whispering was passed from mouth to mouth.
The priest could not understand so much joy, if what was trying to explain to them was so serious and so terrible. Bewildered and annoyed, he asked finally what happened it caused them so much laughter. It threw off the obvious answer:
-It is that father, all who are in hell are white.
Racism is without a doubt one of the most terrible diseases of mankind. White tried to prove their alleged superiority with scientific, philosophical and even religious reasons, to thereby justify the exploitation and even the extermination of other races that whites decreed that they were lower. As Eduardo Galeano (Patas Arriba, the school of the world upside down 1998, p.46) writes, "white were the Kings, vampires of Indians and the traffickers slavers who founded the hereditary slavery in America and Africa, so that the children of slaves were born slaves in the mines and plantations. Whites were perpetrators of countless acts of barbarism committed civilization, in the following centuries, to impose, blood and fire, their white imperial power over the four cardinal points of the globe. White were heads of State and the heads of warriors who organized and executed, with the help of the Japanese, the two world wars that killed sixty-four million people, mostly civilians; in the twentieth century and white were planned and carried out the Holocaust of the Jews, which also included reds, Gypsies and homosexuals, in the Nazi extermination camps"
The long history of racism follows cystic in the hearts of many people. It is surprising to see with what cruelty and force jump racist outbreaks in European countries and in the United States, despite laws and proclamations of equal rights for all. Also in Venezuela is strong racism, but we deny it. The word Indian is regarded as an insult, to frizzy hair is called "bad hair", blacks always play the roles of service or driver in operas, and there are many sayings and
expressions that are deeply rooted that continues racism: you look Indian, you smell black, think that in Venezuela are still Indians, it has soul black, white with white coat: doctor; Black with white coat: Polo. White runs, black flees... If a black handled a carrazo driver or has stolen...
Urges, therefore, education that combat with tenacity the smaller sample of racism and discrimination, that teach to take diversity as wealth. It is wonderful that we are different and, at the same time the same. There is no race or people, superior to others. All, as individuals, we value alike. All are created by love, we are sons of the same father, and have a mission in life. And if all human beings are equal, all have a right to be different. That is why we treat each student and teach them to treat co-workers alike regardless of race, country, family, gender or status. Racism is an inhumane attitude that most that victims, offends truly which practice it.

Translated for educational purposes.

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