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After three months without having written to his parents, a young college man wrote them the following chart:
"Dear parents:"
I am very really that you have spent so much time since my last letter, but it is that I did not want to worry about them telling them the fire in our bedroom, nor the blows I received to throw me out the window fleeing the fire. I was taken to the hospital, and although I was treated very well, there is a danger that is lame for life.
Before concluding, I want to tell them that they do not worry: there was no such fire, I do not cast any window or there is a danger that left me lame...I'll tell you all this because I scraped in English and biology, and after what I told them more above, I'm sure that they were not going to give the importance that would have given if not start the letter as I did".
Often, schools and colleges, to live locked in their small world, agigantan problems and any nonsense are a major scandal: "Rodriguez takes very long hair", "appeared a swear word in the bathroom", "Urdaneta always goes with the flannel out"... In a world that is falling to pieces, schools, colleges and high schools continue to turn into simple mountains giblets and exhausted in the trivial and inconsequential. Let us learn to relativize the problems and give each fact the importance that actually has and the attention that it deserves. If we do so, we will save much time and energy and, above all, learn to take into account what really matters. Thus will we raise up real people, that do not collapse "because it looked ugly", or take out the gun because they striped them truck.

Translated for educational purposes.

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