Highlights of Deuteronomy 4, 5, 6

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Deuteronomy 4

*** w02 6/1 pp. 14-15 Find Delight in Jehovah’s Righteousness ***
Righteousness and Salvation
8 To appreciate the relationship between God’s righteousness and his loving act of salvation, consider the Law that he gave the nation of Israel through Moses. There is no question that the Law was righteous. In his parting words, Moses reminded the Israelites: “What great nation is there that has righteous regulations and judicial decisions like all this law that I am putting before you today?” (Deuteronomy 4:8) Centuries later, King David of Israel declared: “The judicial decisions of Jehovah are true; they have proved altogether righteous.”—Psalm 19:9.
9 By means of the Law, Jehovah made clear his perfect standards of right and wrong. The Law spelled out in minute detail how the Israelites were to conduct themselves not only in religious matters but also in business dealings, marital relations, dietary and sanitary practices and, of course, judicial decisions. The Law also carried strict sanctions against violators, even imposing the death penalty in some cases. But were God’s righteous requirements, as expressed in the Law, a harsh and tiresome burden to the people, robbing them of their freedom and joy, as many people today claim?


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