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In his work the singer bald, lonesco presents a world in which the characters speak and speak, but do not communicate. The words have become stones falling on corpses, in traps to hide the remoteness and absence: A man and a woman are found by chance and begin to enjoy chat... As the conversation progresses, they discover that both have traveled from New York on the ten o'clock train, and that even the two live in the same Fifth Avenue building. More surprising still, both have a seven-year-old daughter and even live in the same apartment. For your
final surprise, discover that they are husband and wife.

* * *

In the House of marriage Rodriguez, he and she are watching TV, without cross, never a Word, until the day that it was light. Then, he looked at her face and said: "How are you? I think that we do not know, my last name is Rodriguez. What is yours?" And she said:
"I am the senora Rodriguez. It will be that you and I are..." Suddenly, returned the light, returned to run the television and they continued not finding out it.
In a world that has multiplied the possibilities for communication, which has swept the borders of distances, people live more and more alone and more incommunicado. They are no longer able to count their hopes, hopes, anxieties and fears. Live strangers in the same House, in the same bed. Communication is becoming a kind of empty ritual, in mere hollow and banal chitchat, always from a distance. People need to call continuously by cell phone, send e-mails, tell what happens or what they did: "I already got to the airport", "I am in the taxi", "I'm already there", and when they are and are one next to the other, they have nothing to say and get to watch TV that, no doubt, is becoming increasingly more important family character:
Prayer of a child:
Lord, tonight I want to ask you something special: turn me on TV. I would like to take his place to live like him in my house: it would have a special for my room, and the family would meet to my about hours and hours. Always me
they would everyone listening without being stopped or questioned, and I would be taken seriously. When I became ill, they would immediately call the doctor and would be all worried and nervous until he returned to work perfectly. My dad would sit by my side when it becomes tired of the work, my mother would look up my company when left at home alone and bored, and my brothers would fight for being with me. How I would like to be able to enjoy the feeling of that leave everything to spend some moments with my!
For all this, Lord, becoming a TV, I beg you.

Translated for educational purposes.

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