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There was a magic island where all the feelings lived: sadness, joy, humility, tenderness, love, illusion, in short, all the feelings.
One day, they received the news that had to leave the island because there would be a terrible tsunami that would sink it. Each of the feelings rushed to enlist his boat to leave the island as soon as possible. The only one who showed no hurry was love who, even at the risk of his life, wanted to stay all the time that was possible on that island he loved so much. When were already heard far roars of the hurricane approaching and a fierce rain began to unload his wrath upon the island, love began to ask for help. Fortunately, still were embarking some feelings that had delayed loading their boats or doing some personal errands.
-Ambition, take me with you - shouted love.
-Sorry, I can't, as you can see, my boat is filled with gold, silver and precious stones. It is nothing more. If you were you, us hundiríamos.
-Vanity, please, help me - he begged then love.
-No, no, you are wet and dirty, I mancharías the boat, I can not take.
-Sadness, leave me not alone, take me with you.
-It feel, love, I feel so bad that I prefer to go it alone, I don't want to see or talk to anyone.
It was then when he heard a voice calling him:
-Love, come with me, I took you.
It was an old man already crumpled, but love was so grateful that you forgot to ask her name. Upon reaching land, the old man disappeared.
-Tell me wisdom - love asked then-, who was the old man who brought me here?
-It was the time.
-The weather? -She asked very missed love, but why only time I want to help?
Wisdom replied:
-Because only time is capable of understanding and help a great love.
The time is to love like the wind to fire: revives the strong, and kills the weak. Passion is fleeting, and the pleasure by its very nature is fragile and perishable. True love, like good wine, is aging with time, going acrisolando with shared coexistence of such, joys, sufferings and problems. Only time shows if love was deep and real, if it was seated in firm roots and not the illusion, able therefore to survive the difficulties, routines and mishaps. Time will be chiseling the face of true love, discover new traits, unsuspected and ignored nuances in the person who is loved always. Time allows an increasingly deeper communion, experience renewed and more mature intensities, beyond the mirages and lightning of youth. Hence the importance of educating the heart, the strength, the responsibility to be able to live and build every day with new enthusiasm love. As said Saint Expupery, the author of the little Prince: "Love is not be looking at the two long eyes, but looking at the two in the same direction". Love involves a common project, a long walk together, a decision to live for another and another for richer, for poorer. Hence the need to feed every day love, not to allow it to trivialice or rutinice. Love is like water: If you stop it, it rots and it is dying. Only the moving water has life and can give it, carries on his lips murmurs of songs that happy hearts. Home has the same roots as bonfire: love is like fire: If you stop feeding it, it shuts down and just let the bitter taste of ashes on the lips.

Translated for educational purposes.

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