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A lady dreamed that he had gone to heaven and, along with 120,000 people who die each day, making row to know what would be his eternal destiny. After a while, arrived San Pedro and told them:
-Come with me that I'm going to show the place that corresponds to each one, according to initial fee paid on Earth with his life.
They came first to a place I knew luxurious, where everything had been built with gold. Walls, ceilings, floors, shone with a sublime glow.
-Here are going to live the generous, who loved truth, those who gave their lives in the service of others: which split your bread with the hungry, those who gave his clothes to the poor, those who visited and comforted the sick and prisoners...
The lady was very happy and rushed to enter, but an angel stopped her with these words:
-Forgive you, Ma'am, but this place is not for you who on Earth only knew how to make crumbs, old clothes already not using...You never gave something that really cost you...The initial fee is missing to acquire one of these houses.
From there they went to another estate of eternity, whose houses were made of ivory. Here also was a splurge of luxury and beauty. When the lady was about to enter, another angel took her by the arm and told him very respectfully:
-Sorry, Madam, but these homes are reserved for those who always treated others with love, for those who had only words of encouragement, and mood, and you passed gossiping and talking bad of others.
The next estate houses were all glass and were full of light. New women directed his steps to one of those wonderful mansions, but the goalkeeper angel stopped her and said very seriously:
-You cannot enter here, Madam. In your passport says that you never worry about teaching others, and this estate is reserved for the authentic masters, all those who tried to make his life a lesson and an example worth imitating. Here meets that announced the Prophet Daniel: 'those who teach others to be good, will shine like stars forever' and you never worried because people living together you will do best. The initial fee is missing.
And thus they were visiting other beautiful developments where not allowed to enter for lack of the required fee. Already in the evening, they arrived at a district
dirty and miserable, whose houses were all built with garbage. The vultures flying over that stink and rats and cockroaches abounded. Lady was a tissue in the nose because I couldn't stand the stench and already was going to run away, when the guardian told him with sharp and dry voice:
-One of these houses will be your home for all eternity. Can you take possession of it.
The woman began to scream and say that he could never live in a House as well, but the Guard stopped her dry:
-This is the only thing that we could build the initial amount you sent from Earth. Every day your shipment of murmuring, gossip, offenses, selfishness, miserliness, envy, hatred arrives to us... what was possible to build all that? It was you that sent us the materials to manufacture the housing.
The woman began to cry and scream and trying to break out of the hands of the guardians that were forcing her into that horrible House, woke up. I had the pillow soaked of sweat and tears, but that ordeal served as a self-examination and from that day began to pay the initial fee for a good dwelling in eternity: generosity to those in need, neatness and firmness in the treatment and care for others were better.
What abode are building for ti and others with your act? What is the initial fee that you are gathering every day actions? Your prayers and prayers, you drive to be better? Do you live your faith as a service?
The message of Jesus leaves no room for doubt: it is only possible to reach God through service to the needy brother: "what made mine smaller each of these brothers, they did it to me". At the final moment, God will judge us by the love returned service: "I was hungry and you gave me to eat, was thirsty and you gave me drink, was naked and me coveredst with your clothes, sick and you visited me..." Faith without compromise is alienation, idolatry. Prayer without delivery is monologue with oneself. We reap what we sow. Fortunately, the criteria of God are not the criteria of the
men, and divine justice is not corrupt or affordable:

* * *

In his short story "The dream of the pongo", the Peruvian writer tells the story of a pattern of finance and one of his servants poorest who died the same day and were waiting for the decision of San Pedro at the gates of heaven. When he finally arrived, he ordered one of his angels to cover the entire body with honey and succulent sweets Squire, and poor pawn with excrements, urines and all sorts of filth. Squire shone Bliss convinced that Heaven would be a continuation of the life of the Earth and
they would be the same rules and laws which it had imposed on the farm with his whip and his ruthless cruelty. The lowly pawn patiently hoped that angel finished its task, resigned to continue his long life of reproach and humiliation for all eternity. To the surprise of both, when the angel had finished his task, ordered them with his voice of Thunder:
-From now on, will lick up each other for all eternity.

Translated for educational purposes.

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