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They have the old stories that, at the beginning of time, the indigenous were completely black, so God had created them. They lived happy and at night they could attack without problems to the worms and defend of toads that were never able to catch them because they did not see them.
One night a child got lost in the forest, and as darkness turned more and more thick, began to cry with despair. The cocuyo wanted to help, but how?. "If at least it had a match to light her way... "
Then he began flying into the sky, and when he came to the throne of God, begged him:
-Give me a match to light the way a child who was lost in the forest.
And God lit you a match. But when the cocuyo wanted it to seize, almost burning is the wings.
-I can not help the child with a match. Very hot, I burned the
Then, God began to think and said to the cocuyo:
-The solution is that you become a light - and touching his abdomen, did is phosphorescent.
The cocuyo came where I was the child and began to fly in front of him. So the child could find the way to return home.
Since that day, the indigenous flying at night, lighting up as if they were stars with wings, to guide all children who go missing.
In education, to illuminate paths, it is necessary to become light. Be light is to be example, model that can illuminate the paths of life.
Want to know the difference between who instructs and educates who? Which instructs speaks of the fire or even perhaps shows a torch. Which educates becomes torch. The genuine teacher is a hombre-vela that is consuming to light and heat to others, to give the new light of hope shine in the darkness of their hearts:
I look at the reality.
I see a fire of pain
It extends by the Earth,
and leaves a cry from the fire.
I'm still looking down. The calcined ashore I see sprouting the green dream of a new humanity.
I look deeper. Challenging to disenchantment I see joining hands the power to create the dream.
And at the bottom of everything, cry, sleep and force, I see you to ti, God incarnate to feed the new future.
(Benjamín González Buelta)
God is with us, accompanies our steps, not lose therefore never hope:

* * *

At the beginning of time there were millions and millions of stars in the sky. Had them all colors: white, silver, green, gold, yellow, red, blue...
One day, they approached restless God and told him:
-Lord God, we would like to get off the ground and live with the men and women who inhabit it.
-If you wish, so it will be - told them God- and they say that that night fell upon the Earth a beautiful rain of stars.
Some huddled in the steeples of churches, others mixed with the fireflies in the forest, trees and flowers, others were hidden in children's toys and since that night all the land was beautifully lit.
However, when they were passing the time, the stars decided to return to the sky and left the land dark and sad.
-Why you came back? -Dios asked as they arrived to the
-Lord, was not possible to remain on the land any longer. There is much selfishness, misery, injustice and wickedness.
Then the Lord said to them:
-You are right. Here, you belong to the sky. The Earth is the place of the transient and imperfect. Heaven is the place of perfection and eternal, where nothing errs or perish.
When they get all the stars, God told them and noticed that one was missing. "Would have it lost along the way?"
Then, he said to God an angel:
-No, Sir, is not lost. She decided to stay with the men and women of the Earth. She realized that she should live where reigns the imperfection, where things are not going well, where there is pain, injustice, poverty and death.
-Which star is that? -asked Dios very intrigued.
-It is the Green star, Lord, the one of hope.
And when they returned his eyes to land, they saw amazed that the star wasn't alone and over all the Earth was illuminated in the heart of every man and every woman was shining a green star, the light of hope, the only star that God does not need and which gives meaning to life on Earth.

Translated for educational purposes.

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