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At the Summit of a mountain, three little trees dreamed what would like to be when they were big.
The first sighed and said looking at the stars:
-I would like to be always filled with gold and precious stones. I will be a trunk where saved the most precious treasures.
The second little tree looked a brook that ran near his feet and said:
-I want to travel the oceans and take Kings and glorious armies on me. I will be a majestic ship.
The third looked toward the Valley which was at the foot of the mountain and seeing the men and women working with care, said:
-I don't want to ever get away from the Summit of this mountain. I want to grow and grow, until becoming the tallest tree in the world, so that, when men and women look at me, raise their eyes to heaven and think in God.
They were over the years with its load of rain, Suns, storms and starry nights. The small dreamers trees grew and became strong and vigorous trees whose branches nests produced the largest birds that furrowed the heavens.
One day, they climbed to the Summit three lumberjacks.
-Precise tree! -said one of the lumberjacks, and holding firmly his shining axe, began to cut the first tree that trembled with emotion at the thought that it was about to become the trunk that had so much longed...
Much like the second woodcutter another tree which, while they plagued him, thought he would finally become a very powerful King who, mounted on the boat, it would undertake daring journeys of conquest.
The third tree felt his heart began to gallop of bliss when the last woodcutter looked at him. The tree straightened up aware of your height and shook its highest branch against the sky. But the woodcutter even paused to contemplate the Majesty of its beauty, and said: "For what I need it, any tree is good for me". And with his axe silver very soon finished with the tree and its dreams.
The first tree was much moved when the woodcutter brought him to a carpentry. Soon, however, he invaded her sadness. Carpenter turned it on
a humble guacal to deposit food for farm animals. Not covered it gold or precious stones, but that he was rolling from here to there, farm farm, transporting animal feed and even the dung of cattle.
The second tree smiled when the woodcutter brought him near a pier. But they did with a majestic ship as he had desired and dreamed of so many times. Just made him a humble fishing boat, so small and weak, that could not navigate by seas or oceans. They left him there in a small and peaceful Lake and used it to go fishing near the shore.
The third tree saw with bewilderment the woodcutter undid it to get him a few planks left abandoned in a wood store. There they ended their dreams of erect majestic on the mountain to be a vigorous arrow pointing to the heart of the sky and the mystery of God.
They were over the years and, eventually, three trees forgot until their dreams. But one night, a light Golden Star gave birth to the first tree when a young woman placed her newborn son between old woods the guacal, now become a manger. "In Nazareth, I had made the child a really nice wedge," complained the husband. The woman pulled the man's hand fondly and said: "I know, Joseph, but this Manger is also very beautiful and is an extraordinary wedge". And the first tree suddenly knew that it contained the greatest treasure in the world.
One afternoon, a tired traveler and his friends hopped on the old fishing boat. The traveler fell asleep while the second tree, become boat began to browse easily Lake inside. Suddenly, a fierce storm stirred with violence the waters of the Lake and the small boat began to jump terrified over the rough waves. It was very weak and feared he would not be able to save the passengers to shore. Then, the man who slept and raising his hand lashed with strong voice to the storm arose: "Silent, mute". The wind and the storm calmed down and the Lake regained its usual placidity. And then the second tree knew that his boat was sailing the King of heaven and Earth.
A Friday morning the third tree was surprised when they released their forgotten planks and carried them from a crowd shouting mob. Filled with fear and pain when soldiers nailed hands of a poor man in his rough wood. He was harsh, cruel, ugly. But next Sunday, in the morning, when the sun shone and the earth shook with joy under those boards that designing a cross in the sky, the third tree knew that God's love it had changed everything. The tree that had both dreamt of always pointing towards the sky and God, felt very strong and guessed that, from now on, when people look at a cross would be feeling the infinite love of God men. And that was much better to be tall and slender in the world tree.

* * *

"God writes straight with crooked lines", says an old saying. God's ways do not usually coincide with the ways of men. In the more humble tasks, made with dedication and love, forms of greatness are hidden. Frequently, so that the dreams come true path by poverty, forgetfulness and humility. The next time you feel depressed because not happened things as you were expecting, feel happy because God is preparing something wonderful for ti.

* * *

There once was an oak that wanted to be a poet. One morning that heaven dressed porcelain blue and the Sun was shining as a fire candy, reached the foot of Oak a lumberjack. Oak leaned over to caress with its leaves the face of the woodcutter and whispered in his ear:
-Man, you that you have been able to convert the beauty in bride of the sea, that you invented the miracle of the word and you are able to plant dreams and hopes, make me a poet.
The woodcutter, indifferent, or unable to understand the language of trees, took his axe and began to cut the trunk of oak. The old dreamer fell wounded death, although in its branches life was still smiling at the green of their leaves. Later, they took him to the city. Their meats manufactured cribs and his heart was taken to a factory of crayons.
The children began to paint schools and moms, butterflies, Suns, birds, stars and flowers; they painted hearts and landscapes, roads, seas and mountains and oak could finally fulfill his dream of becoming poet.

Translated for educational purposes.

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