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The King of that country was so cruel and evil, that all their evil reflected it in the face. The same happened with his army.
This King was a great Conqueror and already had taken over all neighbouring countries. Missing, however, the region that limited with his Kingdom to the South. This region was inhabited by people honest and hardworking, who worked with joy and enthusiasm. Therefore, the country had achieved a high level of development and prosperity.
Aiming to conquer the country, the King infiltrated in his army, and so not recognize his men commanded them to cover the face with masks of people happy, cheerful and kindly.
Anyone seeing those men of so nice and pleasant face, suspected that they were fearsome invaders. Soldiers, disguised and hidden beneath their masks, were immediately incorporated into the daily life of that nation.
At dawn, they stood with the first rays of the Sun and meet with the people of that country to be delivered to the work of the day. The group who joined the peasants went to the field singing this song:
"Let us all to the field / singing to work / with love number / and together we will collect / harvest and the flower"
In the evening, after the hard work, they returned to singing also. While they ate and they rested, they listened to beautiful stories of that people, their legends and traditions, the exploits of their heroes and wise, its customs, invitation to honesty, work and the union. There was the secret of its prosperity and joy.
They spent the days and months...Those soldiers were waiting for his King order to attack. And as they waited, they worked, laughed, sang, they imitated in all other citizens. And daily they went out to the field, at dawn, singing joyful and happy...
"Come on, come on, friends / love to sow..."
Finally came the day when the King gave the order to fatal attack, destroy and kill. He entered the city and looked for his brave and cruel soldiers in the crowd. But it did not find them. In vain he sought everywhere. And it was that does not recognize them, because all his men, everyone had the same giggly, cute, friendly faces. What had happened? Where was his army?
Well, the story that the soldiers, when they learned of the order of the King, tried to take off the masks, pull them in the face, but could not. Both and both had imitated those great citizens who had become like them, and the mask had been incorporated into the skin forming part of it. For this reason, already they could never be cruel soldiers. All were transformed: ones in cheerful and hard-working farmers, others on craftsmen, other writers and poets... And all, always United, sang daily at sunrise, a song to work and life.
And the cruel King? Well, he had to return to his Kingdom, defeated and alone, victim of his own evil that had gone against him.
(Tale of Alejandrina Gomez)
If together you with happy people, they will be communicating her joy. If your friends are hard-working and honest, you'll also remain so. Because they shall be inoculated for their venom, and you will be doing as they flee from bitter, false and corrupt. Practice hard smile and singing until they have carve your face. Release your muscles, covers of joy your fears. No matter how they've been so far, mimics the virtue, propose you be joyful, helpful and hardworking and you'll see how to change your face and your heart. It will be going as the soldiers of the one as bravo King and cruel or ingenious suitor of the beautiful Princess:
In the old Chinese Empire lived a princess who was of marrying age. His father, the Emperor, encouraged to choose husband among all subjects of the Empire. I wanted to she more beautiful, brave and clever of the world man.

* * *

Messengers were sent by all the regions. Young people who believed to have these qualities could occur in the Palace on the designated day.
In a far-flung region lived a very clever man. There was nothing beautiful. The features of her face revealed that it was cruel and evil, surly, violent. He was a thief and a murderer. But a happy idea occurred to him to participate in the selection. Tasked with the best craftsman of masks that express the maximum beauty, tenderness and grace. The same thief was impressed with the results. It was really perfect. He put it on, and instead of the hard and violent traits, his face reflected innocence, sweetness, beauty and value.
The Princess selected it without doubt among the Group of her suitors. All surpassed by her beauty and poise. When the thief realized the consequences of his trap, began to tremble with fear: knew that, when the deception was discovered, the emperor would send him kill. To get out of the problem, said the Princess was not suitable to speed dating and to give him a year to prepare for a decision so momentous. TO
the Princess seemed good idea and liked that it was a man, as well as beautiful and elegant, wise.
As throughout the empire they were known as the suitor and fiance of the Princess, he had no choice but to begin to fill this role. It should take care of the words he said, acting with elegance and delicacy, be brave, show courage and mercy. Thus, it was learning to act with kindness and generosity, it began to be compassionate and merciful; He helped the needy, fighting injustices, he comforted the sorrowful...
But there was a gap between the mask and the heart. I could not forget who was in reality. His spirit was consumed of resentment, the praise of the people bothered him, you were horrified by its own deceptions
And it came again the day of return to Palace and presented to the Princess. It was decided to tell you all the truth and accept the consequences. Arrived, broke ground, greeted her, and very bitter tearfully told him all his delusions:
-I am a villain, an evil-doer. I got this mask only look inside the Palace and be able to admire the most beautiful woman of the Empire. I never thought that you could choose me. How much I feel have postponed a year their marriage plans...
The Princess is very angry, but felt curious to see who was, by contemplating a depraved man who was hiding behind the mask. And he said to him:
-I've cheated, but I forgive you because you have been able to tell all the truth in time. Just ask a favor to let you free: take off your mask and let me see your face.
Trembling with fear, the Bandit took off his mask. To see it, the Princess was angry and enraged:
-Why I deceived? Why do you carry a mask that plays to perfection your own face?
It was true. Real face had been identified with the mask. An entire year of effort to be as the mask, he had changed it completely.

Translated for educational purposes.

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