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Deep in the forest lived four animals: a rabbit, a monkey, a Jackal and an Otter. They wanted much, they helped in everything he could and, therefore, lived very happy. They were also very pious, and whenever there was a full moon, the four animals kept a day of fasting as thus stipulated it the precepts of their religion.
-Remember that tomorrow is full moon - told the rabbit - and we can not eat anything.
- And if a pilgrim came and asked us something to eat? asked uneasy Otter. How could we to comply at the same time the precept of fasting and the entertainment?
Four animals were thinking until the rabbit found the solution:
-Tomorrow, until the sun rises, we go to find the daily food, but we will not eat it, but that we will keep it well if becomes a pilgrim or traveller.
So they agreed to do so and went to rest assured. At dawn the next day began his day: Otter dived into the river and within a short while, he caught five fish that sparkled in the Sun. He kept them in a good place and began his day of fasting and prayers. The monkey climbed a tree full of fruit and picked up enough to entertain possible Walker who went through there. Done, he started his meditation. Also the Jackal well fulfilled its task: quietly approached a fisherman who was on the Bank of the river and snatched the snack that his wife had prepared for him.
Only the rabbit started their sentences without looking for any food.
And it came to pass that the God of animals wanted to test the faith of his creatures and, disguised as a pilgrim, arose in the clearing of the forest that they inhabited the four animals.
The first to note his presence was the monkey, whom the lowest noise used to distract while in prayer. He went to his meeting and said:
-Walking friend, today is our day of fasting, but I have some fresh and juicy fruits that I picked up for you. I beg you to accept my hospitality.
The God of animals was pleasantly surprised. Then, pretending I was going to the River to wash hands, approached the Otter and told him:
-Friend Otter, come from far away and took nearly two days without tasting snack. Don't you have something to offer this poor Pilgrim?
The Otter offered tasty five fish that had fished in the morning. As it neared the site of the Jackal, the God of animals was admiring her devotion since they perfectly fulfilled the precept of fasting without breaking all the precept of the hospitality. The Jackal also offered the snack that had seized the fisherman and invited him to eat.
He was only missing check the devotion of the rabbit and without be able to imagine what could provide, the God of animals approached its burrow. As it was absorbed in meditation, the God of animals had to shout to you noticing its presence:
-Brother rabbit, not to have something to eat for the this Peregrine poor hungry?
-Of course that Yes - replied the rabbit-, I will give you a good piece of flesh that you can satisfy your hunger. Light a fire and when the coals are ready, I will bring you meat.
The God of animals gathered branches and sticks and made what the rabbit asked. Even though thought, and thought, I could not imagine where it was going to get the rabbit meat.
When grilled was at his point, appeared the rabbit and threw himself into the fire saying the Pilgrim:
-Meat that I offer is my own body, because I know that love men to eat roasted rabbit. Eat with me and comforted on your way.
It was then that the God of animals, touched with so much generosity, resumed his true appearance and was transformed into a beautiful young man who shone as if it were made of light. He then took the ashes that had become the rabbit and flying over forests and mountains, reached the Moon and deposited the ashes in her face pale and immense.
-Desire - said the God of animals - provided that there is full moon, everyone remember the story of the rabbit and don't never forget that the most sublime generosity is not in giving things, but in being able to give for the sake of others.
Therefore, from that day, provided that there is full moon seen in his spots the image of a rabbit.
(Buddhist legend)
Sublime love test is not so much in giving things, but to be. "No one has more love that he is willing to give his life for his friends",
taught us and showed Jesus. Give life day to day in the friendly more than fatigue, respect despite the violence, in the fight against pessimism and despair
Being an educator is spent in service to others. The task of the genuine teacher is mission and not just profession. It involves not only spend hours but dedicate soul. It requires not only occupation, but vocation; skills to give classes and above all, willingness and skills to register.
Whenever you look at the Moon and see in it the image of a rabbit, remember that God put it there to remind you your mission of educator. It is the perfect server, which we are serving at all:
I praise you, Lord, server our created.
The song of the cosmos orchestras and Polish ear listening. You purificas the stale air and open the lung that breathes. Do the blood in the body fluid and channel the vein to the Guide. You avivas green sheet and glad eye looking.
I praise you, Lord, server our created.
Us momentum toward others and from others we fascinate. We encourage a meeting without end and new every day samples. We invite to serve the people and in the bosom of the people take care of us. By love give us life in each origin and in love we know when it ends.
I praise you, Lord, server our created.
(Benjamín González Buelta)

Translated for educational purposes.

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